Using E-cigarettes in Public and on Planes

Posted by vapouriz on August 10th, 2012

The main reason why people decide to quit regular cigarettes and switch to electronic cigarettes is that most states and cities have initiated bans on public smoking. In some places, the restrictions are so stringent that it is illegal to light a cigarette anywhere except in your homes.

Since electronic cigarettes do not produce harmful smoke like regular cigarettes, most people prefer using them when they have an urge to smoke in public. Smokers can also use e-cigarettes anywhere they want. But before you start using them in public places, you need to consider few points.

E-cigarette bans

Before you start using an electronic cigarette in public, you have to learn about the current laws of the region. Since laws and rules keep changing from time to time, it is important to stay updated at all times. Some of these changes might not be very favourable for smokers.

People who are non-smokers do not like to be exposed to harmful tobacco smoke, which is the main cause for the ban on smoking in public spaces. So, as a smoker you should make sure that you do not cause any harm or discomfort to them. Since e-cigarettes emit harmless vapour, they can be used anywhere.

Common courtesy

When you decide to switch to electronic cigarettes, make sure you have conducted enough research on the type and brand of e cigarettes. Choose e-cigarettes from good brands so that they are durable and cost-effective. It is always better to ask people in your vicinity if they are fine with you smoking them. One of the major advantages of an e-cigarette is that you can usually vape them in places where smoking is banned. Some organizations even allow their staff to smoke e-cigarettes in the campus. But, most countries do not allow smokers to use these electronic devices in air planes.

E-cigarettes reduce toxic burden

When compared to regular cigarettes, electronic cigarettes reduce toxic burden. Some electronic cigarettes have small quantities of nicotine, while some are nicotine free. These e-cigarettes also come in a variety of flavours. Some of the flavours also help people quit smoking regular cigarettes. E-cigarettes are reusable since only a small amount of vapour has to be refilled after every usage. So, these cigarettes are eco-friendly too. E-cigarettes consist of reusable batteries which can be charged with the help of USB ports.

Most retailers promote e-cigarettes as the best smoking cessation devices. Since electronic cigarettes are non-carcinogenic, non-inflammable and non-polluting, smokers inhale only the nicotine vapour that is not mixed with tobacco and tar as in regular cigarettes.

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