American Anti-Tobacco Policy Getting Stronger By the Day

Posted by vapouriz on August 10th, 2012

President Obama has achieved a lot of milestones in his term as the president of the United States. Although many of them might be political, we could see a strong sense of social responsibility in his actions. This was justified by the passing of Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act 3 years ago. Although he faced a lot of political pressure, he took a brave step in protecting the citizens of America from the bane of tobacco smoking. While it was a tough period for president Obama politically, we can see the effectiveness of the act today.

Nipping the Bud

A survey was conducted before the act was implemented and the results showed that almost all the smokers began smoking very early, usually in their teenage. The numbers showed that an astonishing 3,800 under-18s take their first smoke everyday. The FDA highlighted this particular fact in their agenda and aimed at reducing these numbers as they were the ones who are contributing to the growing number of long-term smokers.

Strict Policies

The FDA took some rigorous and serious actions to ensure that people stopped smoking. The first step was to stop the sale of certain types of cigarettes the youngsters preferred. Strict orders were passed banning the sale of products that minors bought. They also stopped cigarette companies from sponsoring sporting teams, concerts, and even other events.

Adults Not Ignored

At the same time, FDA did not ignore the adults and took steps to stop the graphic marketing of cigarette and other tobacco based products. Steps were taken to educate people on how harmful cigarette consumption is and the after effects were highlighted.

E-Cigarettes: The Silver Lining

It is almost inhuman to tell someone to abruptly stop smoking. For smokers who want to quit, e cigarettes is the best option available. It will not only provide the daily dose of nicotine but also reduce the damage you cause to the others around you and the environment by smoking. They are also available in different flavours so that the consumers are entertained on their way to freedom from tobacco smoking.

E-cigarettes are designed in such a way that they require very less maintenance. All you need to do is recharge the battery every time it drains and also change the nicotine cartridge that comes with the electronic cigarette. With them, you can slowly reduce smoking up to a point where you can manage completely without it.

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