Parental Smoking Causes Asthma in Children

Posted by vapouriz on August 10th, 2012

You would definitely be aware of the fact that smoking is not only injurious to your health, but also causes harm to the people around you. If you have children, you might have to consider this as a serious issue. Researchers have claimed that there is a direct relationship between asthma in children and parental smoking.

This is hardly surprising considering that fact that children are delicate, especially in those early days of development of their immune system. The highly toxic organic compounds in tobacco smoke have the potential to cause significant damage even when inhaled passively.

ETS Has Interested Researchers from a Long Time

Ever since the awareness about smoking and its harmful implications has increased, researchers have been actively studying the effect of environmental tobacco smoke (ETS). The cigarette smoke that is released gets mixed up with atmospheric air and and remains in the atmosphere for a while. Although certain gases are eliminated by photosynthetic processes by plants, the other gases remain.

Since the children, whose parents smoke in their vicinity, are exposed to higher concentrations of these toxic gases (because it takes a certain time for the gases to disperse in atmospheric air), they will have a higher probability of suffering from respiratory system illnesses. The most common among them is asthma and it begins with wheezing.

Data Gathered from Over 58 Countries

To effectively establish this theory, researchers gathered data from over 220,407 children in the age group of 6-7 years from over 58 countries. The guardians or the parents were asked to fill in a questionnaire about the smoking habits of the people who were frequently around the child and also about the onset of the symptoms.

E-Cigarettes Emit Water Vapour

Although smoking around your kids is very bad on any given day, the safest alternative for you is e cigarette. The smoke you exhale after taking a drag from e-cigarette will contain only water vapour, which is harmless to your child. You can also use them if you have plans to quit the smoking habit.

You will also have the benefit of avoiding the other side effects which are caused by smoking conventional cigarettes. A study noted that e-cigarettes have less number of volatile organic compounds compared to your normal cigarettes. So, it has been experimentally proven to be a safe alternative. You also get different flavours of e cig, just as an added motivational factor, to use them instead of normal cigarettes.

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