Tobacco Becoming a Luxury

Posted by vapouriz on August 10th, 2012

Gone were the days when you could buy a pack of smokes for a couple of bucks. Due to the increased awareness on the dangers of smoking and stringent anti-tobacco policy from the government, tobacco prices are rising to astronomical proportions steadily. From a convenience, smoking is slowly becoming a luxury. The holes in your pockets because of the cigarette prices will become bigger than you can manage in a couple of years, if the trend continues.

Increased Taxes on Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products

The government reasoned out that the only way to influence people to quit smoking is by increasing the prices of cigarettes. Tobacco dealers were initially pleased with the decision and vehemently supported the government on this move. But they did not realize that they were signing their own death policies by doing this. Taxes on tobacco export and import also rose causing the tobacco manufacturing companies to shell out more to the government. They in turn increased the price of the tobacco and hence the cigarettes.

Strict Monitoring of Federal Prevention Grants against Tobacco

Some states had started reducing the number of anti-smoking and anti-tobacco programs conducted by reducing the flow of funds. This was more of a political and financial move by the state government. But the federal officials noted this and issued strict warnings on the misappropriation of these funds. They issued notices which indicated that the entire fund should be utilized for the programs they were granted for and these social awareness programs should go on as scheduled.

E-Cigarettes to the Rescue

Ever since the concept of e-cigarettes has been introduced, it has been the preferred alternative for many smokers. Even celebrities have taken up to smoking e cigarettes, both on screen and in their real lives. The reason behind this transition is that it has been scientifically proven that e-cigarettes are safer than conventional cigarettes. The smoke from e-cigarettes is nearly as satisfying when you compare it with real cigarettes. The advantage that e-cigarettes have over other nicotine alternatives is in the ‘smoke’ itself.

Helping Others by Smoking E-Cigarettes

It is a well known fact that the smoke you exhale while smoking conventional cigarettes is harmful for others also. The organic compounds in them cause a variety of problems for the non-smokers, not to mention the pollution of atmosphere. On the contrary, the smoke you exhale while smoking e cigs is mainly composed of water vapour which is both environmentally friendly and safe for the people around you as well.

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