Top 6 Communication skills to include in your resume

Posted by maggi johnson on March 6th, 2020

Only stating that you are “excellent in communication" that can "find common ground with people from every walk of life" obviously doesn't convince the employer that you have the range of communication skills they require. You can include these top 6 communication skills from the best Resume Help.

Active listening 

In reality, it is highly appreciated to have abilities in a CV that sounds easy yet effective relating to the work that requires a great deal of teamwork or communicating with customers/sellers. Listening consciously means knowing, actually hearing, and taking action. What the other person will say? The speaker must focus fully and ask questions if necessary. This skill takes time to build values and solve problems more easily, so it's worth mentioning in your resume.

Giving and receiving feedback 

Feedback is often difficult and can contribute to stress, especially if you critique an important project that you work on for months. This makes this easier for you to deal with if you don't take criticism seriously and use it to improve and to become professional. Similarly, if your job takes on the mentoring or the managing of others, the expertise in the input is essential.


Other jobs require that clients, workers or public meetings be given presentations. Do not forget to mention the skills in delivery if that is the situation. This expertise demonstrates that the client respects the market, keeps the interest of the public and persuades people. Public-speaking skills are not available, so any skills which claim to talk and present information to the audience are much sought after.


Talking skills generally involve achieving better business deals, including contracts, service conditions and more. It should be based on the principle of justice and the promotion of mutual advantage which can only be achieved when you can listen effectively to the other party, having exposure to his needs and requirements, while also convincingly voicing your needs. The benefit of the company relies solely on your ability to negotiate with the customer or seller to reach a compromise. In fact, you can earn substantial financial benefits if you are a great negotiator.

Relationships building 

This expertise is absolutely essential in any field which assumes the establishment of long-term business relations with vendors or suppliers or in the acquisition and management of returning customers. It involves offering high-quality service and meeting the needs of others so that they can continually communicate with your business. This ability ensures continuous profits for the company, so please mention in a description if you are able to maintain long business connections with third parties.

Team building 

If you have leadership roles, this ability presupposes that you are able to combine the team's efforts to accomplish the same goal, inspire will employee and encourage higher performance. The ability to build a squad also ensures that you can resolve conflicts, negotiate with and take charge of different personalities. You may show a collaborative ability when you're a regular employee where you collaborate with others effectively.

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