Beginner Video Editing - The Easy Guide to Editing Your Own Videos

Posted by shahzaib Ali on March 6th, 2020

I have created this guide with special affection for all those people who need to edit their own videos and have difficulty learning.

Some time ago I thought that to know about video editing, I had to do some professional image and sound module.

I thought it was too complicated to study so I didn't even try.

When I started with my first project on the internet (an online store) I remember that I attended a Marketing seminar.

There they taught me the importance of using videos in any business and company. Today he can tell you that it is something essential.

I've always liked to think about this phrase ...

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much does a video that has millions of images have to be worth?
Let's imagine for a moment that I am a nutritionist and I want to sell a food course.

We would definitely like to click on the play button to see the video content.

An image can say a lot, but a video can contain millions of images in sequence. Can you imagine the power of communication that a video has?

Let me tell you a real case that I have been able to experience.

It is the case of this website.

The first thing you are going to see is a Trailer of a digital product to exercise at home.

Previously there was no promotional video presenting this product. Only the image you see (the Cd).

Creating a Trailer Video promoting this product multiplied sales by 500%.

The power of video is incredible.

With a video you can touch emotions, you can make cry, you can make laugh, generate joy or sadness, you can teach something and thousands of other things and read more.

It is a great communication tool.

But just as it can be very positive for any project, it can also be very negative if not used correctly.

If you do not know how to create a video correctly, you will have a “botch video” and this will negatively impact your project.

It's not about making a super mega cool video with lots of effects. But to create a useful video to achieve a specific goal.

Where to start the First steps…
This is one of the reasons why I decided to undertake this project.

There are thousands of options and the easiest thing is that you get lost in this learning path.

I spent a lot of time learning things I didn't need to know.

I also have a problem. I suffer from perfectionitis (the disease of perfection) and this made me learn tools too sophisticated and never agreed with the results. I was able to create my own videos for hair loss but it took days to do it.

This, an entrepreneur can not afford it because time is the most precious value we have.

That's why I'm here, to guide you step by step in learning to edit your videos without wasting too much time.

This guide offers you basic training so you can start defending yourself by editing your own videos on the internet.

You will learn simple things that you can develop over time. The important thing is that you move in the right direction.

With this Guide you will learn to:

Cut or split some parts of a video.
Insert a Title.
Incorporate background audio.
Simple file production.
Let's call it "A Survival Video Edition" 🙂

The Art of Learning to Edit Videos.
One of the biggest secrets of video editing is using the right tool.

The Swiss army knife of the edition you can learn thousands and all are valid. But for me "the Swiss army knife" is Camtasia. It perfectly meets the expectations of any entrepreneur who wants to start creating their own videos.

Camtasia is a program that you need to install on your computer to carry out the editing processes.

This step is necessary and is the most important. If we do not have a tool to work, I doubt you can edit any video.

Where to get Camtasia Studio?
As you can imagine, everything is online. But the big question is, and where is it? hehehe.

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