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Posted by ASKME on March 6th, 2020

As the trends are changing day by day in every field so as well as in software testing these trends bring a huge transition in a tester life which is a very important thing to know for everyone interested in the software testing. so for that, we share some points on API testing with the tool Postman. we start from the basic what is API testing and also what is postman all these points are covered so API full form is the Application Programming Interface. API testing is a software testing method that tests the APIs Directly — from their functionality, reliability, performance to security. API testing is part of integration testing. Nowadays due to mobile usage, most of the website is getting migrated to App development. In-app development, API is the middle layer between the Presentation (UI) and the database layer. APIs enable communication and data exchange from one software system to another.

There are three separate layers in a typical app: the presentation (or user interface) layer, the business layer, and the database layer for modeling and manipulating data.

API testing is performed at the most critical layer: business, in which business logic processing is carried out and all transactions between the user interface and database layers happen.

There are several tools available to perform the API Testing i.e Postman & Soap UI. Our course syllabus is designed as per industry needs and covers all advance techniques to perform API testing i.e understanding of different HTTP methods, API & Web services, Rest API Architecture & Soap UI Architecture, Postman API tools installation & API automation framework. that’s all about API testing

SoapUI is a tool for testing Web Services; these can be the SOAP Web Services as well as RESTful Web Services or HTTP based services. SoapUI is an Open Source and completely free tool. SoapUI can be used 

 for complete RESTful API and SOAP Web Service testing.

 It can do automated testing like load tests, scenario-based tests, and data have driven tests

 It has got built-in reporting abilities

 It has got unique ability to impersonate Web services and run functional and load test against them even before they are executed

SOAP: Soap stands for Simple Object Access Protocol and it is a protocol used for receiving and sending data over HTTP as XML

REST: It is a way of designing web services.

In this classroom or online training in Noida, participants learn how to use Rest Assured to test REST API services. We will discuss how API testing can resolve some of the shortcomings of UI and unit-based testing. The training includes practice sessions and a test development project. By the end of the training, participants will have a good understanding of when to carry out REST API testing, how to explore and access APIs, how to carry out different types of testing, and how to bring their tests together through integration and automation.

after knowing all this there is a question in everyone mind where we can learn about API testing Soupui so for that you need to choose the best software testing training institute in Noida and Delhi NCR which is Askme training that provides you depth knowledge about software testing and also helps to be the best in the industry Askme training is Created with a vision to Provide Best software testing training in Noida. We are a major player recognized as the Best API Testing Training in Noida with the most advanced software testing course. Students are trained on Real-time project by Industrial Trainer. Network with 2500+ Client for Unlimited Placement Support. We offer a wide range of courses in the area of software testing. our trainers are having experience of more than 12 years in the industry so that in Askme training we provide you the theoretical as well as practical knowledge about software testing on live projects which is provided by our sides to our students.

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