Can You Use Sports Tyres for Every Day Driving?

Posted by Yokohama Tyres Direct on March 6th, 2020

We find ourselves driving so much these days, whether it is to work, to family or to visit friends. Our cars really work hard for us so we need to consider what wheels and tyres are required in order to get the best out of our driving experience. Many people opt for the tyres that are recommended by the wheel and tyre fitment centres, while others opt for Sport Tyres. But can you use sports tyres for every day driving?

Sports tyres are designed specifically for Rally Racing Tyres. They are made to withstand long distance driving and high speeds. Certain options are designed for specific weather conditions such as those that perform better during wet conditions versus those that perform optimally in dry and warm conditions. These are some of the factors that race car drivers need to consider for maximum performance. Of course, the driver's skills also play role in the performance of the vehicle.

That is all good and well for sports cars drivers but what about you and me? We don't drive on a race track, we drive on the highway. We are not limited to one type of weather condition, we are subject to rain, sun or, possibly, snow. Will sports tyres benefit us or are we just fooling ourselves?

Racing is an incredibly tense sport. It may not take a toll on you because you are always sitting but the car will definitely be affected. With all sports there are different types of sport equipment that could be used. For racing, tyres would be considered important. - 

Racing tyres always have a low profile. The lower the profile the faster and more stable the car will be able to move. During rainy weather conditions you might want to get a tyre with a small form of tread; provided there is some friction to keep it firmly on the track. The more water there is on the road the higher chances the car will skid.

In hot conditions, a normal performance tyre will work well. The less tread the better. The only problem with extremely hot conditions is that with increasing heat the tyres could burst causing you to spin out.

It would be wise to not use all-seasons tyres for all types of races. Rather use the tyres that are specifically designed for each weather condition installed on your car before the race. When you have all-seasons tyres you don't have a proper grip or you could have too little grip.

When deciding on performance wheels you have to look at where you may be driving. If it's not inside an arena and just to show off to people on a normal road, the tread-less tyres are an absolute no. Normal roads are not designed for smooth rubber because of rain, snow and any other extreme weather conditions. Rather stick to the normal low profiles with the necessary tread depth.

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