How Much Money Do You Need for Umrah from UK?

Posted by Phoebe Lambert on March 6th, 2020

Visiting Makkah and Madina is the utmost desire of every Muslim. They wish to visit the Holy land and perform the pilgrimage. Every Muslim wish to travel to Saudi Arabia once in his/her life. And for that, they either apply for Hajj or Umrah using different packages and deals. Travel agencies around the world also provide reasonable and economical packages to Muslim pilgrims. You can also get cheap umrah packages from uk.

The most common query about the Umrah is regarding the money. People want to know how much they need to perform Umrah from the UK. In case you are also curious to know about it, you must continue to read.

Amount You Need for Umrah from UK

Umrah season usually starts after Hajj and Saudi government starts accepting applications. As of 2019, Saudi Arabia has introduced new visa policies. The policies were changed to boost the tourism industry. But it also has affected the Umrah cost for pilgrims.

Repeat Umrah Fee

With the introduction of the new policy, the Saudi government has waived the repeat Umrah fee. Those who have performed Umrah before wouldn’t be paying any extra amount. So, we can say such people are the winners in this situation. But those who want to perform Umrah for the first time have to pay more now.

Changed Umrah Costs

Until 2019, pilgrims were enjoying free Umrah visa with a cost of £80. And pilgrims were paying £80 for processing and agent fees. Now, Saudi officials have set a visa fee worth 300SAR (around £80). Also, they have introduced additional VAT on transfers and hotels.

This simply means that Umrah cost for one person is now around £250 to £300. It’s a huge increase has the visa fee for first-timers had boosted from £80 to £280. However, those who have previously performed Umrah can save around £150.

Should You Choose DIY Umrah?

The DIY trend is very popular now and like everything DIY Umrah is also on the rise. This seems a viable option after the increased Umrah fees. And you can save around 40% of total expenses if you go for DIY Umrah. But you must consider its pros and cons before making a decision. Though DIY Umrah is cheap, it isn’t like an ordinary tour. You surely wouldn’t want to get lost or do it the wrong way.

Umrah Visa Requirements

Here are some important points that you must bear in mind while applying for Umrah visa.

Converted Muslims

In case you’ve recently converted to Islam, you’ve to submit a certificate. You can get this certificate from the nearest Islamic center. This is in case you haven’t changed your name yet. The certificate provides a confirmation that you are a Muslim applicant.

Passport Validity

Before applying for Umrah Visa, make sure that your British passport has a minimum 6 months' validation. Saudi embassy wouldn’t accept your application if your passport validity is less than this duration.

Airline Tickets

You should never prolong your stay in Saudi Arabia. If you have confirmed airline tickets that are non-refundable, you must depart from Saudi Arabia on the given date.

Applying for Umrah Visa from UK

As we mentioned earlier, the Umrah application process starts after Hajj operations. Saudi government generally starts the application taking the process from Muharram. And the Umrah process continues till 15th Ramadan. Though you get 30 days' stay on an Umrah visa, officials don’t let you stay more than 2 weeks. Also, you can’t claim residency or work while you are on an Umrah Visa.

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