High Speed shutter door is an effective environmental protection door for purifi

Posted by aihw on March 6th, 2020

The high speed shutter door is an effective environmental protection door of the modern factory purification workshop. It has many functions such as insect resistance, wind resistance, dust prevention, and odor prevention. It is specially targeted at the barriers of the sand and air conditioning in the passageway of industrial plants. Widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, refrigeration, electronics, automobile manufacturing and other industries.

Zhongtai's high speed shutter doors have the following advantages:

1. Easy to operate

Use automatic opening and closing devices equipped with sensors (geomagnetic or radar) to facilitate business operations.

2. Easy installation

The product structure is modular and easy to install.

3. Comfortable working environment

Sound insulation, while blocking wind, dust, insects, etc. at the same time, stabilize the operation of the air conditioner, prevent product quality degradation, and in addition, can also suppress the outflow of odors in workplaces with odor.

Zhongtai High Speed Shutter Door Product Use:

Qingdao Lafayette high speed shutter door, used in high-frequency logistics passages, has strong wind resistance, suitable for large external departments and internal departments that require wind pressure resistance, sealed, dust-proof, insect-proof, and protects the working environment.

Zhongtai High Speed Shutter Door Applicable Environment:

1. Doorway required for indoor and outdoor wind pressure resistance

2. Heavy industry, light industry, food, electronics, medicine, printing, packaging, storage, automobile industry, manufacturing.

3.Industry with high requirements for sanitary environment.

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