WoW PvP Guide - Amazing PvP Strategies Revealed

Posted by e280668993 on August 14th, 2012

Having trouble killing your enemies in World of warcraft? Every enemy encounter ends up with you kissing the grass? Why don't you have a look at how a Wow PvP guide will help you. I reveal in this Wow PvP guide some of the most amazing strategies that every elite player uses to make GW2 CD Key sure he will dominate his opponents no matter what.

So far, there are three major ways to experience PvP in World of warcraft, Open-World PvP, Arena PvP and Battlegrounds. All three of them are relatively different but they also have one common goal, to vanquish your enemies and achieve victory. Let's have a look at each type of PvP currently available in Wow.

Open-World PvP

This refers to the usual ganking that takes place over a large percentage of the areas on a PvP server and smaller percentage of areas on PvE servers. I'm sure everyone experienced his corpse being camped by some evil Horde player or an over zealous Alliance player. There were people that actively searched for victims in known XP spots, known quest sites or on gathering routes. That made the game more interesting and frustrating at the same time. With the arrival of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion a new type of Open RvR area has been introduced, Wintergrasp. Wintergrasp is a region in Northrend, the new area in WotLK, where Open-PvP got more organized. The main objective here is to take control of a fortress using steam tanks and other devices.

Strategies for Wintergrasp:
One strategy is to control both workshops that are closest to the keep. There are more workshops but they are further away from the keep, so you will want to take over the closest workshops for faster siegeing. As a defender, you must have your team defend those two workshops, that way your team will buy more time as the attackers will take longer to bring their tanks to the gates.

Another strategy is to prioritize your targets, always go for the enemy siege machines as they put out a huge amount of damage and cost nothing to rebuild. Also, they cannot be healed or repaired, so once you have one in your sights, make sure you dispose of it. These aren't as Buy GW2 CD Key detailed as you could find them in a Wow PvP guide, but they do work for me and they could very well work for you.

Battlegrounds PvP

Alterac Valey

In this BG, your main objective is to kill the other teams general. To kill him faster, your team can capture the base towers making the very tough guards that are near the general despawn. Here is what you need to do. The maximum people allowed in this BG is 80, 40 on each side. You get 10 defenders posted at your base with atleast 2 healers and have some stealthers advance and try and take over the enemies base towers. They usually aren't defended so it will be fairly easy. Tell the remaining forces to go and kill the midfield captain and capture the midfield towers. When the base towers are under your control, you can proceed to killing the enemy general no matter what the midfield situation is. This tactic has worked nicely for me and I also saw it in some Wow PvP guides.

Eye of the Storm

The objective of this Battleground is to be the first to reach 2000 points. There are four capturable towers in a square position and one flag in the middle. When you take the flag to any of your towers you get points, you also get points just by holding as many towers as possible. Here is a very good strategy when the enemy is overwhelming your team. If the enemy team has 75% of the towers, take the flag and run with it, if you can get a few defenders with you. After the enemy has all the towers they will want the flag, if you keep that hidden, everyone will look for it. That will distract them and allow your team to recapture towers increasing your win chances. I've used this strategy, which you can find in a Wow PvP guide, successfully many times and tipped the balance to our favor.

Warsong Gulch

The idea behind this BG is the capture the flag strategy, the team that captures the enemy flag 3 times wins. There are several tactics for this BG which i saw in Wow PvP guides that can be used here. Either make 2 teams, one to defend your flag and one to capture the other, get everyone to defend your flag and send only stealthers for the enemy flag or just rush the enemy and take their flag while intercepting the enemy with your own flag on the way. This is a tactic I use and works nicely if everyone listens. Get some of your DPS to kill any incoming enemies at your flag while having a larger portion of your forces holding the middle of the map. Send one druid and two more to take over the enemy flag. That way, when the druid comes with the flag, he will be protected outside by your team and escorted back to your flag.

Strand of the Ancients

This BG is a miniature scenario of the Wintergrasp Open PvP area with basically the same objectives. When your team is attacking, make sure all the tanks move at the same pace and have them tear down the first gate as fast as possible. After that, rush in and take control of the graveyard. This will enable your team to use the workshop there to get more tanks. When you reach the 3rd gate, take out the turrets. The enemy players will cluster in the gate making it hard for your tanks to pass making them vulnerable to the turret fire. When defending, the most crucial thing is to take down the enemy tanks, ignore everything else. Also have bomb defusers posted at the gates to get rid of the bombs.

Arathi Basin

The objective of this BG is to take and hold as many points of interest as possible. A very good strategy to use is to capture the Blacksmith first. This is situated in the middle of the battleground giving you easy access to all the other points. When you start the BG, go for the Blacksmith directly, others will take the point closest to your base. Despite what some Wow PvP guides might tell you, this tactic is the most effective in my opinion.

Arena PvP

This type of PvP is the most demanding of them all. No matter if you play in the 2vs2, 3vs3 or 5vs5 your performance must be perfect. To achieve that you need to use stuff like macros, keybinds and MODs that will help you achieve perfection. One of the most important things you also need to use is voice chat. Always communicate with your team and coordinate with them in your actions. The strategy I usually use is notbuy Guild Wars 2 Gold to rush the enemy, they usually expect that, I stand down with the others, play a little cat and mouse making them believe we are hesitating. We keep that up for like 10-15 seconds and then we strike hard. This ensured our victory many times even against overwhelming odds.

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