The importance of mobile phone screen protectors

Posted by hw on March 7th, 2020

Mobile phone screen protector, also known as mobile phone beauty and mobile phone protection film, can be used to mount mobile phone body surface, screen and other objects, a variety of cold mount films. Mobile phone film has the following advantages:

Increase the feel:

Some mobile phones' original screens do not slide smoothly with fingers, and they feel very astringent. You must stick a film to enhance the smoothness of sliding.


Some mobile phone screens are easily contaminated with fingerprints, which will cause the display effect to deteriorate, so attach a film that easily disappears.

scratch proof:

Some people use mobile phones more casually, often throwing, throwing, and so on. The screen slides on the ground combined with the ground gravel and dust, which can easily cause scratches. The cost of replacing the screen is generally three-digit soft girls and even More, it is much cheaper to change a film.

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