Tank Liners and Their Role in Securing Your Tanks

Posted by kunal on March 7th, 2020

Appropriate tank liners are necessities for storage tanks of any size. They play an important role in protecting the tank itself and helping to reduce the threat of leaks and environmental problems. When investing in liners you need to ensure that you are getting great value for click here money without neglecting quality. The last thing you want is to see problems arise after making your investment and installing the liners in your tanks.

Choosing the Right Type of Material for Your Liner

When shopping for the liners you need to be looking at the material that is being used. It has to be strong, reliable and have a long working life to ensure your investment was well spent. There are all sorts of suitable materials to look out for:


Flagon Soprema

Flagon Soprema PVC

Rubberised materials have to be installed correctly to reduce problems occurring quickly with the liner. That's why you need to consider the methods available for securing the liner to the inside of the tank. In the UK there are now manufacturers who have been able to provide excellent rubber liners that come with steel eyelets on the top circumference. These eyelets are able to attach securely to the bolt pitch of the tank that it is being installed into. This process has greatly improved the security of the liners and is now the most common method of installation after being introduced by Russets in the UK.

Protection from Hot and Cold Temperatures

In addition to the Eyelet feature you must consider the effects the weather can have on the security of your liquid storage. Extreme fluctuation in hot and cold can cause major issues and these need to be planned for to void serious problems. One option is the geotextile protective matting bag that comes in one piece. It is used to provide extra protection to the tank liner itself, protecting is from the temperatures that radiate through the tank. The matting bag also helps to protect the liner during the installation process by providing an excellent cushion between the panels and the material of the liner.

Bespoke Liners can be Sourced

The liner you choose will depend on the fluid that is stored within your tanks. You can find multiple options in rubber such as EPDM, Butyl and SealEco rubber however; they may not be suitable for the more aggressive fluids that are commonly stored. There are other complications to consider too. Not all tanks are the same size, some have been made to fit in with the specific demands of the owner. Therefore not all tank liners are suitable off the shelf. In this case it is possible to contact the suppliers and ask for their bespoke services to ensure the liner is suitable for the job at hand. 

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