3 Maintenance Plans to Have for Your CNC Machining Centre

Posted by Nancy on March 7th, 2020

You will surely be dependent on one or more Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machines if you have a manufacturing business. Such an engine performs a large number of functions that pave your path to success. Therefore, it is crucial for you to have an idea that one or more CNC Machining Centres are ready to execute the jobs when you need them.

Any lack of information can make you miss the repair work and as a result, you can have breakdowns that can lead to have wastage of time and huge financial loss. So, it is clear here that you must execute out routine maintenance checks to be sure about the readiness of your apparatuses and equipment so that you can have smooth production. Here are three maintenance plans that you must perform:

1. Daily Maintenance

At the end of a production day, you should conduct a few checks of your installed machinery to ensure that your production floor is ready to work on the next day. The inspections that you should do are as follows:

  •  Examine the cooling level if your computer numerical control equipment has this one
  •  Wipe down the entire surfaces
  •  Test the level of the lube and refill it if required
  •  Take out any chips from the chip pan and lubricate the parts that seem dry
  •  Have a close look at the hydraulic fluid to ensure that the levels of the chucks and hydraulic pressures are right

2. Half-yearly maintenance

After every six month, call a specialist to your computer numerical control machine centre and request him/her to inspect it thoroughly. An in-depth inspection will enable you to be aware of all the probable threats. As per the contract, the expert will do the following jobs:

  •  Align the radiator fins after cleaning the radiator
  •  Clean the coolant tank for removing any chips, oil, or sludge
  •  Do refilling of the cooling unit after draining it if needed
  •  Change the hydraulic oil after draining
  •  Make sure that the level of your installed machinery is up to the mark
  •  Replace the damaged one after inspecting wipers
  •  Restore the suction filters and line
  •  Take out chunks as well jaws and reinstall them after cleaning

3. Yearly maintenance

Apart from daily and half-yearly maintenance, you should focus on your yearly maintenance. Hire a highly skilled and experienced mechanic for the yearly routine check-up your production unit installed with CNC machines. During the inspection, he will conduct more extensive maintenance and repair work, which will include:

  •  The Inspection of the tailstock to be sure of tapering
  •  The examination of the turret inclination and parallelism
  •  The examination of the headstock to ensure tapering
  •  The spindle check-up for end and redial play
  •  The chuck cylinder inspection for run-out
  •  The adjustment of both the X and Y axis gibs if required
  •  Running a backlash program for ensuring the need for the adjust of the X and Z axis


It doesn’t matter what type of manufacturing business you have. However, it is crucial for you to keep your CNC Machining Centre maintained if you have such one at your production floor. Proper maintenance will help you keep your product manufacturing running smoothly. In addition to the tips mentioned above, you should have a preventive maintenance plan to be more sure about having no breakdowns.

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