How to Find a Sub and Dom for Dating

Posted by hassan on March 7th, 2020

If you like to play sex games especially those that involve masters, mistresses or slaves, sub dom dating is for you. Ever since 50 Shades of Gray was released, society has become more accommodating to BDSM. Today, many people want to feel this practice in their own skin.

However, like with any other practice, when done quickly or badly, it can be disappointing or worse can cause a physical or psychological injury. Finding a loyal dominant or submissive partner is never easy. For this reason, many people have second thoughts about trying sub and dom dating.

If you are trying to find a dom/sub we have some few tips for you. Continue reading this guide to learn more about that.

Make use of sub dom dating sites

There are various websites and social networks that can help you find a sub or dom. They facilitate meetings and allow one to interact with people who appeal to their tastes as well as needs. Therefore, using them can help you learn more about this unconventional sexuality and what it entails. Best websites for sub and dom dating include AdultFriendFinder,,,, etc.

Be aware of abusers and obsessive people

BDSM presents an excellent platform for abusers. They can take advantage of people especially newbies. There are several reports of women who’ve had psychological/physical problems because they had a sexual relationship with the wrong dom. Therefore, it’ll be best that you watch out for suspicious people.

But, how can you tell someone is an abuser? Dominants should be people who can have a sexual relationship with someone in total safety. Therefore, if you’re so much into BDSM and want to find someone who’ll let you experience it in full, stay away from people who think that domination is by force.

Again, those looking for a sub should be careful with obsessive people. Some submissive people are very obsessive and demand constant attention. That kind of person isn’t well prepared for submission.

Finally, it’s again wise that you read. Many books explain this sexuality and how one can find the best partner. These include ‘The Siren”, “The Loving Dominant” and other BDSM books that can be downloaded online.

Bear in mind that like any other sexual relationship, BDSM should be pleasurable and enjoyable. Thus finding the right partner is the first step towards an incredible experience.


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