Why Select Daily Contact Lenses Over Others

Posted by Varun Sharma on March 7th, 2020

Lots of people nowadays put on contacts for the eyes to be fully functional or sometimes for the sake of style. A large number of individuals choose to put on everyday contact lenses or throw away contacts. This kind of contact is made to be used for only a day and is discarded after using it for a day.

Moist contact lenses are an ideal choice for the lens wearer who doesn't want to deal with daily cleaning, storing, and discomfort that comes with long-wearing hours. Wear a fresh pair each day and throw them out when the day is done. These contact lenses feature exclusive LACREON Technology, which means moisture is built into the lens. The moisture-rich ingredient acts like natural tears, so no matter how many times you blink, you retain that cushioned, soft feeling. The lenses also protect your eyes from 82% of UV-A rays and 97% of UV-B rays. 1-Day Acuvue Moist Contact Lenses are a superior choice for the daily lens wearer.

Since this type of contact lens was invented, this became the most famous among the types of lenses. Contacts such as these are also available for people with astigmatism, myopia, and presbyopia.

Some individuals say that putting on every day throw away contacts is better than putting on the traditional contacts. This is because it is regularly changed; therefore it has much less possibility of building a layer of protein, calcium, and lipids over the lenses of the eyes which can lead to an unpleasant feeling within the eyes. If the eye is susceptible to allergic reactions, throw-away contact lenses tend to be the best choice.

Building up of proteins within the eyes is the most typical regular symptom in wearing contacts. It can end up being seen in a white-colored type or gloomy spots on the surface of the contacts which will cause a blurred vision and an unpleasant sensation on the eyes. Although it can be controlled by appropriate treatment and cleansing of the contacts, if the solution utilized in cleaning is not clean or if contacts are not worn properly then it's certain that the eyes could get affected.

Traditional contacts are needed to be washed with solutions daily to be able to lessen the chance of infection of bacteria in the eyes, even though there exists still a chance of being infected, just like cleansing the lens without cleaning the hands first or maybe the solution for cleaning the contact lenses are infected. On the contrary, every day disposable lenses are not going to need cleansing schedule every day since it is disposed of daily, that is why your eyes will not easily obtain infected or develop bacterial infections.

Most eye care practitioners also suggest the wear of disposable contacts to people who use lens. The prices of this kind of lenses mostly cost you a money a day which is a little bit costly than traditional contacts, regardless of its price, this is worth the money of the people who choose to get the most healthy and comfortable feeling from putting on contacts and of the people who want to prevent their eyes from getting infections.

On the other side, another great thing about putting on disposable contacts is that you will no more need to buy solutions to clean your contact lenses every day. It lessens your cost and also helps to keep you far from infections.

Soflens Daily Disposable contact lenses combine outstanding all-day comfort with an incredibly crisp, clear vision, especially at night. SofLens delivers all the fresh, new lens benefits of a daily disposable lens and much more – giving you the ultimate lens-wearing experience. Fresh new lenses every day, no daily cleaning, storage or care required, wear them for a day, then throw them away.

To wrap things up, daily disposable lenses tend to be more beneficial to put on unlike the conventional or the traditional ones. As stated in the reasons mentioned above, it is safer to wear unlike the other kinds of lenses and in order to avoid and prevent your eyes from being infected with microorganisms. So if you choose the safe and healthy way of taking care of your eyes while wearing contacts then disposable lenses is the best choice there is.

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