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Posted by johnhrq on March 7th, 2020

The Modern firearms business is tied indelibly to the advent of the assembly line, and to Sameul Colt’s incorporation of the Colt’s Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company in Hartford, Connecticut in 1955. Colt was the first weapons manufacturer to recognize the sea-change brought on by the advancements of the Industrial Revolution. He pioneered the use of interchangeable parts in his products, employing assembly lines to build his revolvers cheaply and efficiently. Colt quickly became one of the world’s foremost proponents of mass production techniques, organizing marketing exhibits wherein he would disassemble ten of his guns and reassemble them using different parts from different guns. The nature of Colt’s assembly-line process meant that he could use unskilled labor to build his weapons, significantly reducing their cost.

To a degree, Samuel Colt’s inventions within the firearms business are responsible for everything that Sarco Inc. has become. The ability to buy Gun Parts Online would never have been possible without Colt’s pioneering work. Today, it’s possible to buy barrels, sears, triggers, magazines, etc., all separately and have them still fit together perfectly.

This may be difficult to visualize in the abstract. But take a specific weapon: the AK-47. An AK-47 is made from sixty-three parts, including, importantly, a long-stroke piston that facilitates the gun’s continued firing. Other AK-47 parts include a sear, barrel, bolt, firing pin, trigger, buttstock, gas block, sling plate, and safety. At Sarco Inc., we sell many of these AK-47 parts. We also sell AK-47 accessories, including ammunition bags.

Sarco Inc. began way back in the 1950s, when Charles “Cholly” Steen III began amassing a huge collection of guns, gun parts, and gun accessories, so many that he had to store everything in the attic of his small Easton, PA, apartment. Steen originally planned on becoming a Machine Gun designer, but when he turned to dealing part-time at gun shows to make a little extra cash, he found his calling. His very first weekend at a gun show he made over 0, which was nothing to sneeze at in the late 50s.

Later on, Sarco expanded into mail-order sales, advertising in a fledgling publication called Firearms News. Today, some sixty years later, Sarco Inc is Firearms News’ longest continually running advertiser, and sales by mail-order make up the bulk of Sarco’s sales volume, with sales to US and foreign governments coming in second.

At Sarco Inc., we have the gun parts online you need to build or maintain your own revolver, semi-automatic, rifle, or shotgun. From extractors to ejectors, from sears to barrels to recoil springs, Sarco stocks all kinds of gun parts. We even have kits, which include every piece needed to build your own weapons from scratch.

Sarco, Inc. is your stop for gun parts online. We began life on the gun show circuit, and have since expanded into arguably the largest dealer in surplus war material in the country. With three generations of Steens in the mix, Sarco continues its focus on rare original firearms parts, while expanding into complete firearms, commercial firearms, accessories, militaria, and re-enactment accoutrements. Check out our inventory online or give us a call today. Currently, we manage our sales through three avenues: the web, phone, and our showroom. Located at 50 Hilton St, in Easton, PA, our 7,000 square foot showroom stocks over 2,000 firearms—products ranging from original militaria to new commercial tactical accessories. We provide retail and wholesale products on both the domestic and international levels. Contact us today at (610) 250-3960 to get started with your Sarco Inc. experience. We have been serving sportsmen, collectors, dealers and brokers for 50 years. No deal is too big or too small.

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