Benefits of Using A Hand Cart Trolley

Posted by sere on March 7th, 2020

Moving heavy loads in the workplace has never been easy, and most people don't like it. However, the hand cart trolley can help workers complete these activities quickly as well as they could continue their work.

Advantages of Hand Cart Trolley

Hand carts come in a variety of types and these carts provide users with many benefits. Here are a few of their advantages to help you choose an aluminum hand cart that meets your needs.

The first and most important benefit of these carts supply is the rapid increase in productivity. This may sound crazy, but it’s the fact that they can help workers get things done quickly and ultimately improve performance. They can also increase the efficiency because workers will use their strength at work instead of relocating things..

Aluminum hand trolleys are very helpful when one wants to transfer a lot of products quickly. This is an added benefit, and people will not need to use their arms or back to lift those heavy items. For example, people can use an aluminum hand cart trolley to move seven boxes of products at the same time instead of holding them twice each time.

Another advantage is that these carts have wheels that allow people to easily drag and drop weight. People can stack or pile everything they want to bring with them, or they can pull it by hand. The wheels will certainly ensure that you utilize minimum power while transferring objects.

Aluminum hand carts are lightweight which takes away from the weight of the typical steel hand carts. Being lightweight does not mean that the highest quality has actually been compromised. They are made from quality raw materials/parts. And they are durable enough to withstand the recommended weight.

Another advantage of aluminum hand trolleys is that they have access to various sizes and designs. These trolleys can be multi-functional and can be offered quickly on the market. You can choose a specific type that meets your needs and make the most use of it.

Additionally, these hand carts can greatly reduce the risk of injury. They can avoid the possibility of tipping over or any discomfort. Using these carts, workers’ legs will certainly not be weary after a difficult day at workplace. The workers can also enjoy their life in the house as well as less most likely to be from energy after a long day at workplace.

The hand cart and hand truck are a comfort when relocating home things or industrial supply from one place to one more. An aluminum hand cart trolley supplies light-weight devices to transport large or hefty items.

Tips on Using A Hand Cart

As with carrying loads by hand and with vehicles, handling loads with the hand cart trolley, hand trucks, and dollies can pose hazards if they are not used properly. Avoid accidents by following these safety tips:

1. Use the two-wheel hand truck only when handling light loads. Always use the four-wheel hand truck for heavy loads.

2. Always make sure the weight is evenly distributed on all wheels of a hand truck, cart or dolly, especially with four-wheeled hand trucks with side railings.

3. (Hand Trucks) Before use, inspect center ladder section, cross bars and vertical bar for cracks and other defects/damage.

4. Check all welds before moving loads.

5. Never pull a cart, dolly, or hand truck. Always push it when moving loads.

6. Never try to upend four-wheeled hand trucks.

7. As much as possible, break down large loads into smaller ones.

8. Secure loads with heavy-duty nylon belts. Inspect these belts before use to make sure they are not frayed, worn-out or damaged.

9. (Appliance Dollies) Always use a ratchet belt tightener with auto rewind to keep loads from shifting or slipping.

10. When climbing or descending stairs, always use stair crawlers.

11. When raising or lowering a load, never use your back. Instead, make use of the mechanical or hydraulic lifting mechanisms of the tool.


     Qingtai QT2010 150kg Capacity Platform Folding Hand Cart

Parameter of this hand card trolley

Model: QT2010

Load Capacity(kg): 150

Open Size(mm): 705*423*945

Close Size(mm): 500*423*235

Weight(kg): 7.1

Material: Aluminum

Wheel: 4”

12. Packing: 1/PC Carton

Certification: GS/TUV

Product Feature of hand card trolley

(Note:Swivel casters must be assembled near the side of handle)

-4 wheel cart, 2 swivel and 2 regular

-Foldable handle for easy storage

-Maximum load:660lbs

-Useful for home, outdoor, the office

-Stability of 4 wheels for smoothly loading

-Compact down to be suitable to store anywhere

-Cart body with black vinyl platform

Qingtai is one of the most professional and capable hand cart manufacturers. We have almost 20 years of experience in this field. If you are looking for a source for aluminum hand trolleys, Qingtai is a great choice for you. Our experts are always ready to serve you and produce the best trolleys that satisfy your requirements.

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