Pickleball and Basketball? Multisports Courts Might Be The Answer

Posted by katherine on March 7th, 2020


Multisports courts are all the rage at the moment. Having your cake and getting to stuff yourself is pretty cool, so how can it be done?

Let’s face it, kids get bored quickly playing the same sport each day. That court may end up being fancy parking at best as they all slide back to their Smartphones and iPads.

So, why not combine two games in one court and mix it up a little? Here are a few tips to getting the best of both Worlds.

Multisports Court Design

When deciding on the games you want to incorporate, please also think of aesthetics. If you combine too many games your court will look busier than a New Delhi market.

Keep it to 2 games and you can still have a great looking court set up.

Basketball and Tennis work together well as they do not clash too much. If you put the Pickleball court from side to side and you have a large Basketball court, that will look pretty clean too.

Multi-Game Sports Court Costs

multigame sports court will cost not much more than a single game court (if both are the same size) as it is only the line painting that will make the difference in costs.

A regular-sized basketball court will cost anything from 00 to ,000 depending on many factors.

Which factors? Preparation of the area for a start. Do you need an excavator? Is the site not level? Badly sloping or only a little? Asphalt surface or concrete? Will you be adding an acrylic surface such as Laykold tennis court paint? Will you be adding a fence? Lighting so that you can play at dusk?

Multigame Sports Court Dimensions

A half basketball court of 28 feet x 46 feet is enough to fit a Pickleball court. Tennis courts are usually larger as it is a faster and stronger game than Pickleball. If you do install a tennis court then the space available is so much more and so it is easy to add just about any sport onto your court.

Half basketball courts added at the side are very popular across the states.

Multisports Court Maintenance

The key to keeping a great looking court is, of course, maintenance. Below are a few tips to help you keep your court looking good for years to come.

  • Remove debris – If you let leaves or pine needles stay on your court surface then it is much easier for weather damage to occur. They hold moisture and rot, plus they can freeze in winter which can help lead to cracking.
  • Keeping clean edges – This is true of many things, but for a court … nice clean edges around the court help to keep the look of your surface neat and tidy. So rake back any debris or leaves and also trim/remove any grass and weeds that may be intruding. 

Keeping clean edges helps to prevent puddles of water, this puddles can stain or worse … crack your court surface.

  • Regular Court Washing – Using a pressure hose and some mild detergent will help to extend the life of your court. Do this regularly and see how great your court looks.


OK, we just scratched the surface here. There are many factors to consider, but I do hope that this has been a little help in your choice for a great multisports court.

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