5 reasons why you should travel solo at least once in life.

Posted by TripGlamour on March 7th, 2020

What comes to your mind on hearing ‘solo travel’? Weird, crazy, lonely, or scary? If you thought about one or many of these feelings, then you are not the only one. It is a common perception (or rather misperception) that traveling to an unknown land all alone is a daunting and daring feat that one should stay clear of. Daunting. Yes. Daring. Of-course yes. But something everyone should try in their lives.

From struggling to find the perfect solo destination to juggling between best hotel prices in USA or Europe or India and more; solo traveling teaches you a lot about yourself. Today we’ll tell you 5 reasons why you should travel alone at-least once in life.

  1. You become more aware of the surroundings.

Let’s admit, a family trip is about reaching the destination, clicking pictures, and heading back to the hotel. Was there a moment of peace, where you sat down and let the place soak into yourself? Solo traveling lets you do that and much more. You oversee the time you arrive and when you wish to leave.

  1. You move out of your comfort zone.

First time solo travellers feel scared of stepping into the unknown. This is your comfort zone and moving out of will help you become a better version of yourself. People often push their boundaries by staying at best hostels in Hong Kong or Amsterdam instead of traditional hotels. It results in new friends, new experiences and in some cases, a new personality.

  1. You become better at handling finances.

An important life trait which everyone must learn is financial literacy, and solo traveling teaches it in the best manner possible. You are in-charge of how to spend the money, where to eat, where to stay, where to visit, etc. Staying at best hostels in Montreal or any other city is the best way to make new friends, meet fellow solo travelers, and cheap on pocket.

  1. You meet the real you.

We all are stuck up in our daily job and routine; rushing to work, matching deadlines, meeting expectations, etc. Solo traveling will give you the much needed ‘I time’. With each passing day of the trip, you will understand yourself better. What irks you, your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll learn listening to what your heart and mind says. It will be meeting your true self.

  1. You become more confident.

Don’t you just admire the person who oozes confidence? Their personality, the ease with which they initiate a conversation with almost anyone. Solo traveling will build that confidence; it will restore faith in yourself to get out of troubled times.

The next time a thought of solo traveling pops up in your mind, don’t just bury it in the back of your mind. Explore the idea, search for backpacking locations instead of family trips and cool hostels instead of best hotel prices in Florida. Go out there and seize the world!

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