Top Reasons Why You Need To Consider Google Ads

Posted by Mike on March 7th, 2020

To grow your online reach, there are many marketing options. You want to hit the recognition and visibility on the search engines. You can use social media or SEO to drive organic traffic. But Paid advertisement on Google PPC is the most preferred and instant method to drive the results. 

For an SEO Company in Dubai, there are various factors that you must consider the business type to decide on a marketing channel.

So let's explore how far Google ad is suitable for your business and why one should choose it. 

Take Notice of How Customers Search for Your business online.

Think about your business and analyze whether users search for your business or not. But today, almost every user likes to explore online and enjoy purchasing this way. Internet and Google is the most prominent source from which users learn about all the local and international businesses. 

So your business must be searched, and you should consider local SEO and PPC campaign together to increase visibility among the folks on the web. 

Establish Your Goals

Any SEO Dubai must ensure the goals of the client when they come for digital marketing. And make sure to chase the long-term goals. It has an impact on the Google ad campaign. But it would be best if you considered both and long and short terms goals with their objectives.

For example, you run an ad campaign to gain more revenue as many businesses only want more end more money. So, diligent monitoring can guarantee you these objectives. 

But some companies want brand recognition with maximum profit. Advertising helps in generating demand for existing products and upcoming products. So PPC is the best option to get the buyers and target audience's clicks to increase the brand's visibility and profit. As we know, the ROI is the core object that you want to earn besides a big name in the market. So Google ads work best for such goals and let you achieve what you want. 

Consider your Budget

The budget is essential when it comes to PPC. Meaning that you have to consider testing before you run the actual campaign. Consider the fact that 99% of the clicks are useless and not convert into sales or even a lead. Testing ensures you this fact that only 1% of clicks are profitable. So it is crucial to have enough budget for the trial of the campaign initial in stages. You have to test the keywords and your setup. One final advice is that you must stick to the small group of keywords having the highest chance of clicks.

Here are the top things that you must understand before you leverage ad campaign.

  • Understand the pricing - PPC means you need to pay per click. Whenever your ad gets clicked, Google charges for that click. Google prefers highly optimized ads at a low cost. And they have more chances to get rewarded by Google. It charges to , but the further cost depends on your target industry. 
  • Google Prefers Relevancy- Quality in the ad campaign means when a user lands on your landing page following the PPC ad, then it should be accurate. Don't disappoint the users with irrelevant content in the advertisement that is contrary to your websites' message. Bear the fact in mind that you should offer valuable information to every target click that comes to your site. 
  • Be careful of Using Branded Terms- Add the name of your brand in the ad's copy. Because only using branded terms besides your keywords, you can missout on other users that don't search for you. So combine the branded terms with your keywords, you can increase your quality scores. 
  • Make it Mobile Friendly

To hit more audience, you have to optimize your campaign for different devices. The mobile devices are more used, and users live searching through the tools. 

When you have a mobile-optimized ad, you are likely to get more click and visitors. You might limit your PPC campaign if you don't consider mobile users. So in this regard, and current mobile responsive landing page is crucial. Don't disappoint the users here. Loading speed and layout of the website and landing page is vital to pay attention to these factors. 

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