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Posted by sere on March 9th, 2020

As the most famous craftsman of glasses, he is famous for his high-quality handmade glasses.

Many movie stars and celebrities, such as Kimura Takuya, always appear in public wearing hand-made glasses from Tai Hachiro.

The glasses are made in a strict traditional process and shine brightly.

The wearer will look particularly charming and charming. Mr.

He is very obsessed with the spatial relationship between glasses and the face, and his glasses are very artistic.

Through his work, one can easily observe his idea that glasses can achieve everything and they can be called wearable buildings. However, Mr.

He lives in a small town in Japan, and he has made 200 pairs most skillfully, which is his highest point every month.

Moreover, his son did not inherit his technology, so every pair of Japanese glasses is very precious, and of course, the price is also very high.

Usually you have to place an order three months in advance, or it is difficult to buy glasses that are too handmade by Hachiro.

In addition to Tai Hachiro, there are many other manufacturers of hand-made glasses such as Masayoshi and Sasaki. .

Their glasses are also very popular in Japan and many other countries.

What makes Japanese glasses so unique?

The basic charm of Japanese glasses lies in the frame, the material in the celluloid.

It is the oldest thermoplastic resin, which has the features of fast forming, high rigidity and good transparency. .

The glasses made of it have the perfect King Kong gloss.

However, it was almost eliminated in one optician frame production because it was heavy and difficult to color and flammable.

However, it is the perseverance of some glasses artists that keeps it in the making of glasses frames.

After some improvements, the advanced celluloid has higher stability.

Therefore, the final product can fit the face shape to the maximum extent.

More importantly, they can be roughly processed through the machine, and then more glasses can be produced every month.

Although you may find that Japanese glasses cannot be as stylish and dazzling as European glasses, once you have contacted them, you will gradually fall in love with them, because both quality and comfort are not as good as those in Japan.

Nowadays, in the field of glasses manufacturing, Japanese handmade glasses have become a dark horse, attracting more and more people in the world.

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