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Posted by aihw on March 9th, 2020

Electric furnace water circulation cooling system

The water circulation system offers a variety of closed circuit water cooling options, including the use of closed circuit cooling towers or plate heat exchangers. The movement of the closed cooling tower adopts a copper coil with high heat exchange efficiency, allowing the working fluid to flow through the pipeline, and the natural heat exchange with the air through the fan is completed in one time. That is, energy saving and environmental protection, and the cooled pipeline is clean and smooth. At the user's site, it is only necessary to connect the water inlet and outlet, and the power supply can be operated for a long time.

Medium frequency electric furnace special transformer

Electric furnace transformer refers to the power transformer for industrial electric furnace smelting. It is a special transformer designed according to the working characteristics and operation mode of the intermediate frequency electric furnace.

The outstanding characteristics of the special transformer for medium frequency furnace are: designed according to national industry standards and according to different electric furnace processes, energy saving, anti-harmonic, non-heating, short-circuit resistance and strong overload capability. Compared with conventional transformers of the same capacity, the smelting time is reduced by about 20%, and the electricity consumption per ton is reduced by about 70 degrees. The annual output is calculated at 3,000 tons, which can save about 210,000 kWh per year.

This product is suitable for medium frequency furnaces below 30 tons. The high side voltage is 10KV to 35KV. The low voltage side voltage is divided into: 400V, 660V, 750V, 850V, 950V, 1000V, 1100V, 1250V, 1500V. Its structure is divided into two types: no reactor and reactor, and also has a large impedance and a small impedance structure to meet the needs of use.

Furnace switch

The furnace change switch is an electric quick change switch used in medium frequency electric furnace: easy to operate, safe and reliable.

The utility model has the advantages of convenient use, shortening the switching time of the furnace, improving the efficiency, reducing the labor intensity of the worker, and easily realizing the switching of the intermediate frequency power source to the heat preservation furnace body and the melting furnace, and has great practicality.

Intermediate frequency furnace body dust suction device

The medium frequency furnace dust collection and collection system adopts a fully enclosed hood (smoke dust collection furnace cover and furnace mouth collection ring), which effectively compensates for the previous cover type (such as: umbrella type rotary cover), which cannot be caught during feeding and tapping. Set and other shortcomings. The Hengyang steel shell body cover is designed with a smoking cover and a smoking ring. The user can choose the configuration according to the needs to match various forms of smoking institutions to achieve the desired environmental protection and energy saving effect.

Furnace lining device

In order to facilitate the overall operation of the lining, reduce the work intensity and provide efficiency, Hengyang provides an automatic lining launching mechanism.

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