How To Start An Eating Disorder Treatment In Orange County?

Posted by Niel Herry on March 9th, 2020

The eating disorder treatments in Orange County typically include a combination of psychological therapy, nutrition education, medical monitoring and in some cases, medications. Now, having an organized approach towards treating an eating disorder can help a person manage symptoms, physical and mental health along with a steady return towards a healthy weight.

How To Start An Eating Disorder Treatment In Orange County?

The eating disorder treatment primarily starts after you see a care practitioner or a mental health professional, who then advises the individual to enroll for an eating disorder treatment in Orange County. In an eating disorder treatment center you will likely meet a team of professionals who will basically include:

A Mental Health Professional
This medical professional will most likely be a psychologist who will provide psychological therapy.

A Registered Dietician
The role of a dietician is to provide education on nutrition and meal planning.

Medical Specialists
The medical specialists deal with medical problems arising as a result of an eating disorder.

How to Set Up A Treatment Plan?

The treatment plan will basically determine your needs and come up with goals and guidelines based on those needs:

Develop A Treatment Plan

The treatment plan will include a plan for treating you’re eating disorder and likewise setting treatment goals.

Treat Physical Complication

The treatment teams are mostly highly active and will address any health and medical issues that might arise due to your eating disorder.

Identifying Resources

The treatment team at an eating disorder treatment center can help an individual determine the resources available in his area that can potentially help him in meeting his goals.

Affordable Treatment Options

Hospitalization for treating an eating disorder can prove to be a costly affair, therefore, look for options such as an insurance, personal loan or public insurance to meet the costs of the treatment.

What Are The Types Of Therapies Used For Treating Eating Disorders?

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

The cognitive-behavioral therapy is a kind of psychotherapy that mainly focuses on behaviors, thoughts, and feelings related to the eating disorder of the individual. This therapy will help you gain healthy eating habits along with recognizing and changing distorted thoughts that might lead to eating disorder behaviors.

Family-Based Therapy

During this therapy it is the individual’s family members who help them restore healthy eating habits, and achieve a healthy weight until the individual is able to practice those on his own.

Group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This therapy basically involves meeting with a psychologist or any mental health professional, who can potentially diagnose an eating disorder. These professionals then help the individual address thoughts, feeling and behaviors related to the eating disorder and teach them the skills to manage eating disorder symptoms and, regain healthy eating patterns.

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