vTypewriter Ink Vs Printer Inkjet Cartridges - The Strides That Have Been Made

Posted by jackbandy on August 19th, 2012

A look will be taken at the strides that have been made in the area of word-processing: from the typewriter ribbons of yesteryear, to the computers and inkjet cartridge of today. Attention will be paid to the progress that has been made in printer ink and suppositions will be as to what tomorrow’s evolution will bring.
Word processors have evolved. Gone are the days when typing up a word based document took us hours and we had to change the ribbons every so often. With the advent of the inkjet cartridge and the gradual phasing out of ribboned typewriters, more and more companies were switching to computerized word processing programs in order to get their documents created and printed. No more did they have to depend on an increasingly ill-suited piece of equipment to get their work done. Printer ink meant increased speed and productivity in the workplace would become the norm. 
Now if you are going to talk about the inkjet cartridge and printer ink, then you will have to talk about the device that houses them and enables you to get your document printed. The first high speed printer was developed in the 1950’s for use with the Univac computer system. Not long afterwards (the late 1960’s) the first laser printer was developed by Xerox. Thereafter other companies like Epson and canon came up with their own innovations on the technology that has led to the office place becoming revolutionized. In some countries, the typewriter is still the chosen method for the ‘creation’ of word based documents but for most of the world (business especially) the computer is the glue that hold it all together. 
Some printers print only specific types of documents well. While others print other types of documents well. It is like walking a tightrope in regards to knowing which printer and accompanying inkjet cartridge will do the kind of job that you need it to. To give an example of what I mean, let us say that you are working at a bank. Thousands of documents are printed each day (mostly in black & White). In a setting like that, the bank is not going to use a printer that uses regular printer ink. They are going to use a high speed, low ink using printer that uses toner (this is a more cost effective way of printing high quantities of documents). Now in a (let us say) primary school setting, a printer that allows you to print colored as well as the standard black and white. I again reiterate that the type of printer used should be done with consideration of how that printer is going to be used. 
Another factor that needs to be considered is the price. As with most technology based items, you pay for the functions and some printers (even if they do very little other than print) because of the additional functions that they were given, cost more. Keep this in mind when you head out to get your next printer. 

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