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Posted by Ambroise Pierre on March 9th, 2020

In World of Warcraft, the role of the mage can be said to have gone through the storm. In the WOW classic, the mage is undoubtedly one of the strongest characters. Even if the mage position is reduced in the copy of the Blackwing's Nest, the ability of the mage to make money is still beyond doubt. Only the economy The source is the standard for measuring a character. In the World of Warcraft for more than ten years, the mage is still the existence that everyone is looking up to. Various domineering nicknames have emerged endlessly, showing how powerful the mage role is.

And the mage has always been one of the most populous characters in the game. Even those players who want to play warriors or thieves generally play a full-level mage first. Old players in WOW classic in World of Warcraft generally do this. Because this allows the mage to support his other characters and speed up his game progress. How many mage populations are in WOW classic, I believe that everyone is very clear, every time when a new server starts, there are basically mages everywhere, other There are few roles. The same is true of the role of the mage more than a decade ago. Of course, Blizzard was not indifferent to the mage, and then made a series of changes. Now the mage has become one of the most miserable roles.

In the World of Warcraft 60 version, the mage, AOE ability is undoubtedly very strong. It is very easy to win Vanilla WOW Gold. In the wow classic, the mage's snowstorm skills were changed, increasing the skill delay. Then, in order to limit the mage's efficiency in earning gold, doom The drop of Maul and Zul'Gurub was changed. Of course, Zul has not been opened yet. This is only the data of the test suit. The drop of the crocodile is really low. Although the mage has been weakened, the ability to copy copies has not been reduced much, just in terms of income.

It is well known that each character of WOW classic has its own characteristics and has a fixed position in the copy. These differences also lead to the treatment in the copy. Although the former mage did not subsidize in MC, it also mixed with Feng Shui. But in the current BWL, look at those warriors, thieves, treatments, etc. Some hunters have subsidies to get, only the mage has nothing. Due to the large number of mages, they have to do it when entering the team copy. Good relationships.

Basically all players think that the mage is generally a relatively wealthy player, so the mage equipment in the team copy is generally very expensive, and a large part of it is caused by the player coaxing the price. When the mage is unwilling to pay for the equipment at a high price At that time, some people still said that the mage was too unrecognizable. The status quo is that the mage is holding the highest-priced equipment, and it is impossible to paddle in the copy, and there is no bonus. If players ca n’t get more rewards, they can choose to go to MMOWTS to buy the cheapest World of Warcraft gold, which will not only help you save a lot of time and energy, but also bring you full surprises.

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