Smokeless electronic cigarettes to help you move away from cigarettes

Posted by vijayvinson on August 19th, 2012

Although every adult in the world (and some children too) knows about the ill effects of cigarettes we still have millions of smokers in the world. The governments of the world act strange in handling smoking. On one hand they spend billions in anti-smoking campaigns and on the other hand they do nothing about the cigarette makers of the world. But now with smokeless electronic cigarettes available there is finally a viable alternative to smoking an actual cigarette. These cigarettes look and feel like normal cigarettes and all you need are some electric cigarette refills to light up as and when you feel like.

Smoking harms not only the person who smokes the cigarette but also those that are in the vicinity. Millions of people worldwide are affected every year because of passive smoking. There are millions that directly or indirectly die due to passive smoking? You see most people not smoking in front of their kids but they don't think at all when they smoke in front of others. Is this right? It can be made right thanks to smokeless electronic cigarettes. The electric cigarette refills have nicotine in them but there are no carcinogenic products in them, the ones that you find in actual cigarettes. So, even when you take a few puffs on your electronic cigarette sitting at your workstation no one is going to get harmed and no one is going to complain about the smoke.

Smokeless electronic cigarettes have three sections. There is the battery that helps heat up the atomizer. There is the cartridge that contains the liquid. This liquid is passed on to the heated atomizer that vaporizes it and this is the vapour that you inhale. The beauty of the electronic cigarette is that it makes you feel that you are smoking an actual cigarette. The electric cigarette refills are available in various flavours. If you want a Marlboro flavour you can buy one and if you want a Camel flavour you can also buy that. Even the look of the cigarette is like an actual cigarette.

Today smokeless electronic cigarettes are freely available in the market. Go to any cigarette shop and you can find them. One of the best options is to go online and buy a whole kit. Typically electronic cigarette kits consist of a battery, an atomizer, cartridges, an AC adapter and electric cigarette refills. You buy one kit and it will last you or months.

Electronic cigarettes also help you save plenty of money. If you are someone that smokes a pack of cigarettes a day switching to electronic cigarettes can save you somewhere around a thousand pounds a year. This is not a small amount, is it? There are so many things you can do with a thousand pounds, can’t you?

Switch to smokeless electronic cigarettes because you will not only help your body but others’ too. And whenever you need you can buy electric cigarette refills online and continue puffing away. Everyone will love this decision of yours.

Smokeless electronic cigarettes are great alternatives to real cigarettes. Get your electric cigarette refills and light up without fear of burning your lungs.

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