Bakery Preservatives Market increasing consumption rate of bakery products aroun

Posted by pooja paralkar on March 9th, 2020

Bakery preservative is the substance or a chemical product, which is added to bakery food, to prevent decomposition of bakery goods by microbial growth or by undesirable chemical changes. Bakery preservatives are generally made up in the artificial and natural way. Where the natural bakery preservative is more in demand due to the additional health benefits and no harm to health characteristic. Whereas artificial preservatives are chemical additives which restrict the growth of microorganisms and slow down the food deterioration. Food deterioration is mainly caused by microorganisms and oxidation reactions. Besides, bakery preservatives also help to stabilize fats and oils, by extending their oxidation as well as prevent discoloration of natural pigments of bakery product for a longer duration. In the global bakery preservatives market, North America and Europe hold the major share in production and consumption of bakery preservatives, owing to the presence of key bakery manufacturers in the region. Also, attractive promotional activities and strategies applied by manufacturers in the region are spurring the demand for bakery preservatives. With the increasing demand for bakery preservatives among food, manufacturers are expected to boost the growth of bakery preservatives in the coming future.

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Increasing consumption of bakery preservative with increasing consumption rate of bakery products around the worldwide

In the global food and beverage market, bakery preservatives are high in demand owing to their antibacterial properties which help to increase the shelf life of bakery products. Bakery products are more prone to infestation with microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi, which make bakery preservative one of the key ingredients of bakery food products. In the global bakery preservative market, synthetic bakery preservatives have major share over the natural preservative. But, the demand for natural bakery preservative is increasing in parallel with the flourishing trend of consuming natural food ingredients. On the other hand, the chemical preservatives are more economical, broad functionalities, and easily available, making chemical preservative more favorable for bakery product manufacturers. However, growing resistance from consumers and effects on human health are among the major reasons leading to faster growth of natural preservatives.

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Bakery products are among the most popular food products across the globe, and the number of HoReCa outlets in the world are increasing day by day due to the increasing consumer demand. On the other hand, health awareness and consciousness towards healthy food consumption among the consumers across the globe are expected cause reduction in demands for chemical bakery preservatives, which hold the major market share hindering the growth of the global bakery preservative market.

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