5 Benefits of a Positive Workplace Culture

Posted by Successories on March 9th, 2020

A positive workplace often means employees are happier and more engaged, willing to take risks and get creative. A negative workplace, on the other hand, can breed resentment, disengagement, and could even contribute to a higher turnover rate. There are clear benefits to investing in positive workplace culture: Here’s how an engaging workplace can positively affect your employees.

Positive Attitudes Are Contagious

As the old saying goes, happiness is contagious. Smiles multiply, and happy employees are likely to encourage others to take joy in their jobs. Employees who dread going to work can drag down the entire team. They might disengage or suffer a decrease in productivity. If employees are continually checking the clock to see how long until they can go home, morale can suffer.

Giving employee gifts to your team, such as a rock that proclaims “You rock!” to each employee, is a great way to provide a smile that will start a chain reaction. Sustained positive atmospheres require sustained work and sound management policies, but employee gift programs can brighten occasional stressful days and provide a motivation boost.

Happy Employees Are Engaged Employees

Engaged employees are employees who are happy and care about their work, and they’re likely to work hard and stay focused on their tasks. When self-confidence and passion for work rises, employees might be inspired to be more creative and take risks that can lead to better work—instead of never leaving their comfort zone and playing it safe when it comes to projects. Happy employees are often more invested in their own personal growth, which can result in fewer mistakes and more productive work. This applies to your leadership team as giving your managers corporate gifts or awards for a job well done can keep them engaged above and beyond the everyday perks and team building.

A Positive Culture Can Reduce Absences

Happy employees want to go to work: They get along with their co-workers and feel appreciated in their roles. Employees who feel as though their employers prioritize a healthy work-life balance can be less likely to be absent at short notice.

Positivity Can Increase Loyalty

Engaged employees are more likely to be willing to go the extra mile for a company that they feel values them. Happy employees are much less likely to be spending their time browsing job listings, which can result in less turnover. Less turnover means a company does not have to spend more time and money training recruits, which is helpful to teams trying to get projects done. Engaged employees are often willing to take on more responsibilities and may be more invested in internal advancement opportunities.

Happy Employees Support Each Other

Happy, engaged employees are more prone to supporting one another. Co-workers are more likely to work together for the common good. A positive work environment means co-workers want to get to know each other, chatting and spending time outside the office. This fosters collaboration, with teams working together instead of independently to solve problems efficiently. This comradery can help projects get completed faster, thanks to better communication between teams and team members. In a happy, positive workplace, teams are optimally positioned to produce high-quality work.

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