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KiwiBank's 90-day Saver Announcement offers you one of the highest interest rates found at the largest bank in New Zealand, and is currently at 2.70%. The minimum contribution is $ 2,000, which is a PIE fund, so the tax on earned interest is 28%. While it is not expedient to quickly deposit the funds needed to withdraw funds, the 90-day notice required to withdraw funds may include:

  •         Add 3 months of expenses to your Heartland Direct Call account
  •         Add the remaining emergency funds to the Kiwi Bank Statement Saver.

In the event of an emergency disruption, you can immediately withdraw funds from your neighborhood and start the 90-day notification period, which will give you more money within 90 days.

Instead, Rabo bank offers a 60-day alert provider at 2.60%, while Westpac provides a 32-day alert provider at 2.00 days (PIE Fund). There is no minimum deposit requirement for both accounts.

The Best Credit Card

Credit Cards NZ can be debated by many as they encourage excessive spending and debt accumulation. I believe that credit cards can help us, if used properly, because using them can bring benefits such as reward points. No discipline to use them! - Don't spend too much and pay your balance every month so you don't have to pay interest - in a way that doesn't suit everyone.

  •         What I look for in a credit card:
  •         No account fees
  •         Benefits of using the card, such as loyalty points
  •         Map of American Express airport

American Express Airport card does not have an account fee and gives $ 1 for every $ 100, which is very rare - the free card reward rate.

The main disadvantage is that American Express is not widely accepted, but you should be able to use it with major retailers. In addition, almost all EFTPOS terminals (except supermarket countdown) allow you to use contact payments (such as payWave) with an American Express card, so you need to use a chip and a PIN.

ASB Visa Lite

ASB Visa Lite does not cover any account fees and offers a smart purchase feature instead of rewards. Currently, it gives you 6 months of interest-free smart purchases over $ 1,000. You can use the interest-free period:

Placing High Purchase Costs Within 6 Months

Earn 6 months on your money before fully paying off your Credit Cards NZ.

Use it to fill out a 90 day notice. For example, if you need to make a major purchase, do so with your Visa Lite card and start a 90 day notice period so that your money is ready in time for your card balance to be paid.

ASB has already developed smart shopping to encourage people to spend more and take credit, so use it carefully. Those who do not have the discipline to do so can avoid the card, while those who use the above can.

Best Debt Management Services

Before investing, it is wise to pay off any debt with high interest rates (such as credit card debt, personal loan and lease purchase) as interest rates are usually higher because you can earn a credible investment. Some services, such as Credit Cards NZ balance transfer and debt consolidation loans, can help you repay these loans faster if you can get a lower interest rate than your existing loans and without additional debt. Can be accepted.

KiwiBank often offers deals where you can transfer credit to an existing credit card or store card balance and pay a very low percentage or 0% for up to 12 months. Check the location of each bank to see its current transactions.

Balance Transfer Westpack

While the banks mentioned above usually only allow credit card debt balances, Westpac allows you to transfer your personal loans and lease purchase loans to Westpac credit cards. They currently charge an interest rate of 5.95%, which is much lower than most personal loan rates.

Debt Consolidation Loan

Another option is to help manage your debts and consolidate them into a single loan through a financing company. You only have to pay on one loan and you can get a lower interest rate than you currently pay. The lending crowd is an online platform that allows you to borrow debt consolidation at a rate of 6.69% to 18.20%.

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