5 Reasons Why March is the Best Month to Tour South Lake Tahoe

Posted by Miley Munroe on March 9th, 2020

South Lake Tahoe is more than just a destination for adventure lovers. From solo hikers to group travelers, every individual eagerly waits for the arrival of March every year. If you’re wondering what’s so special about this third month of the year, we have shared a few good reasons why:

Best time to ski

Pleasant weather, plenty of snow, warming sunshine, and little crowds - that’s all a skier would ever want. March is the month with the best hiking and snow conditions in South Lake Tahoe that locals referred to as corn or Goldilocks on mountain slopes. This is the time of the year when most parents bring their children to learn ski as the temperature is warm and they get plenty of daytime to learn. Even there are plenty of local events - from dummy downhill to live music - for families and friends to enjoy during their visit to South Lake Tahoe in March. The only thing to make sure is to look up at the even calendars before planning the trip.

Fewer crowds

Whether you’re visiting South Lake Tahoe to learn ski, experience winter activities like zipline, or simply enjoy nature, there will be a fewer crowd to deal with in March. Adventure seekers can go ice skating and snowmobiling, while those in the search of solitude can enjoy blissful time in the spa or reading their favorites by the fireplace. As there are no major holidays in March, you experience a quieter month than any other month during the winter season.

Enjoy golfing

March is the time of year to showcase your golf skills. Not more than 30 minutes from South Lake Tahoe, there are plenty of golf courses. If you have made a weekend plan, save your time by splitting your day in a half - consider skiing in the morning and later spend time golfing in courses.

Less expensive

Everyone seeks discounted deals to save on accommodations. Instead of exploring El-Dorado and South Lake Tahoe in peak seasons save bucks by enjoying all destinations at cost-friendly budget. Even you can bring along your four-legged companions as most hotels and resorts welcome friendly pooches with open hearts.

The best time to rejuvenate

To rejuvenate you and make a fresh start for summer, nothing is better than exploring hiking trails in the South Lake Tahoe area; either go solo or with a group of close friends. Even if you want to spend some alone time with your partner, you can enjoy hiking, biking, and water activities together.

Now you know how the month of March offers your bountiful delights if you plan a visit to South Lake Tahoe. What are you waiting for now? Pack your bags and be ready to explore. 

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