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Posted by Lucas William on March 9th, 2020

Air Quality testing is a control procedure using a variety of analytical equipment for concentrations of airborne pollutants such as gases, volatile organic (VOC) compounds, dust, etc.
Volatile organic compounds (VOC), carbon dioxide and formaldehyde are the three most important factors for indoor air quality testing. High levels of such pollutants can be detrimental to both productivity and safety. These are commonly found in under constructed building that is not up-to-date and newly-installed furniture.
Air quality testing companies in NYC have expertise in air quality assessments and air quality reports preparing, EIAs, regulatory reviews and evaluation processes.
The quality testing team consists of experienced professionals employed in a wide variety of settings. They have been delivering well-established professional services at a competitive cost. Air quality assessment expertise covers a wide range of areas including urban renewal and development, resources, transport and infrastructure, power and energy, oil and gas, recycling and waste management as well as local governments.
The services offered by the air quality testing companies: 
  • Work covers environmental audits, risk waste management.
  • Air quality assessments ranging from sampling to comprehensive specifications.
  • Evaluation of air quality assessments in local authorities and other systems planning;
  • Assessments for new developments on construction, operations, and residential suitability;
  • Analysis of pollution from traffic;
  • Appraisal of energy plants ( biomass boilers );
  • neutral air quality assessment for NYC-based projects;
  • building dust and traffic monitoring and control plans;
  • Air quality and weather control monitoring include monitoring of the diffusion tube
  • Evaluation of the ecological effects of air quality;
  • Environmental assessment and stack height surveys for manufacturing installations; 
Air quality assessment reports are prepared on a clear understanding of the air quality legal framework. This is assisted by high-quality scientific research and comprehensive disperse modelling when required.
Air Quality testing companies’ works are provided by a range of air quality monitoring systems and related laboratory facilities, including in-house air quality surveillance equipment.
Air quality testing companies in NYC are seeking to work closely with the local authorities and to adhere to the framework so far as possible to avoid delaying the planning process to obtain the report for the first time. This approach makes work more cost-effective. Air quality testing companies also manufacture and supply air quality monitoring systems: the DS500X filter containing air pressure, humidity and temperature sensors.
The typical process for Air quality testing Plan: 
  • Identification of the local, regional and national policies concerned;
  • Establish baseline requirements.
  • Detailed air quality assessment needs to be analyzed.
  • Conduct a thorough air quality analysis if necessary.
  • Specific building site identification and operational mitigation actions. 
Areas of Expertise: 
  • Services for testing Abatement.
  • Mould assessment and testing of microbial.
  • Indoor as well as outdoor air quality testing
  • Lead-based paint assessment.
  • Image Infrared
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