The transfer tank should be placed in an ice-water

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The luxury transport china plastic tube suppliers needs to be equipped with on-board air conditioners, temperature and humidity detectors, GPS positioning and other equipment to ensure that the ambient temperature in the vehicle is between 20-24 ° C [ 2], to the greatest extent to mitigate the effects of changes in external ambient temperature. Generally, the adaptive recovery time of 1-2 weeks is recommended, which can be based on the distance of the mouse journey (transport) and the stress level of the mouse. Some adjustments can be made in the adaptation time of the mice, but it is best not to rush to start the experiment immediately after the arrival. Check the appearance of animals and check information such as gender and quantity.

If you find any abnormalities, you can give us feedback, and you can sign for no problems. Therefore, we must be equipped with a mouse-specific luxury transport vehicle and a dedicated tour guide (transportation) team.51yuansu.Research progress on experimental animal welfare [J] .Insufficient sealing of the connection between the pump tube and the joint, the valve seal, and air leakage; b. A large amount of liquid is drawn, causing the rocker Rust is dead; c..

Wet the membrane with TBST and transfer it to a plate containing blocking solution. Key steps: 1. After lysis is complete, scrape the cells with a pipette tip and transfer to a 1.0 mu; g, 40.03g glycine (MW75. 3. 10% ammonium persulfate (AP) 0. Heat is generated during electric transfer, so the TB Buffer should be pre-cooled at 4 ° C, and the transfer tank should be placed in an ice-water mixed foam box.05% Tween20) 20% Tween20 1. 3. After use, it can be recovered and reused 2-3 times and stored at -20 ° C to avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.5 ml centrifuge tube and store at -20 ° C or proceed to the next step. 3. PVDF membrane is immersed in anhydrous methanol for 1 min-2 min before use, NC membrane is not needed

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