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Posted by Bert linsheng on March 9th, 2020

Fire emergency light is an indispensable lighting tool everywhere, because fire emergency light is a tool for emergency use to prevent circuit failure. So, how much do you know about double-headed fire emergency lights? I believe very few people have a full understanding of double-headed fire emergency lights. So here is a professional emergency light manufacturer from China to introduce the double-headed fire emergency light.

What is a double-headed fire emergency light?
Double-headed fire emergency light is suitable for fire emergency lighting. It is the most common lighting tool in fire emergency. It has long emergency time and high brightness. The double-headed fire emergency light has the characteristics of low power consumption, high brightness, and long service life. It is designed with a power switch and indicator lights on the side, which is suitable for factories, hotels, schools, units and other public places for power outages for emergency lighting.

Advantages of double-headed fire emergency lights
It has the advantages of reliable work, high stability, and long life. It is suitable for factories, hotels, shopping malls, buildings and other high-rise buildings. It is used for emergency lighting in the event of power outages. It uses metal or flame-retardant plastic lamp holders. And hanging installation. The principle of emergency time ≥90min can refer to the principle of electromagnetic relay, which is similar.

The role of double-headed fire emergency lights
Emergency lighting plays an unprecedented role in disaster relief, medical rescue and other aspects. Although only a few hours of lighting, but how many hours can help to secure property and life, LED features small size, long life, A series of advantages such as high efficiency, low voltage, safe use, energy saving, etc. Therefore, the Ministry of Science and Technology listed "Research on High Efficiency Driving Technology and System Reliability of LED Emergency Light Lighting" as the 2008 863 subject for research and development.

As China's economy continues to grow at a high speed and energy consumption continues to increase, the contradiction of energy tension is becoming increasingly prominent. "Research and development of high-efficiency energy-saving, long-life semiconductor lighting products" has been included in the national medium and long-term scientific and technological development plan (2006-2020) in the "energy" field of "industrial energy conservation" priority topics. A major historical opportunity for innovation and leapfrog development.

The double-headed fire emergency light may not be very useful on weekdays, but if an emergency occurs, the double-headed fire emergency light still has a very large effect. We cannot ignore this.

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