Vivid Sydney- a walk down the memory lane

Posted by AndrewJohn on March 10th, 2020

Vivid Sydney is here! The festive season of Sydney beginning on May 22nd, 2020 will be one of the Vivid Sydney festival ever. With more technology improvement and advancements we can surely expect to see numerous mind-boggling light installations. Enjoy the best of this festival on Vivid Sydney dinner cruises offering all-inclusive packages. Although there are multiple Vivid Sydney cruises on the harbour, the luxury catamaran offering large outer decks that cater best views of Vivid Lights is the best in business. Choose your type of Vivid Sydney cruises depending on its inclusions and availability. Some cruise operators offer early-bird discounts by which you can book your preferred cruise under a budget.

Let's get down to the history of Vivid Sydney.

The first-ever Vivid Sydney was conducted in 2009, from then on, the festival has progressed to a whole new level. The lighting of the sails of the Opera House is one of the most impressive light installations of Vivid Sydney. Even Though there has been lighting of the sails in all the Vivid Sydney festival there is nothing like to do it first. Brian Eno is the one that curated this impressive light spectacle for the first time.

 Approaching its third birthday, the Vivid Sydney 2011 had breathtaking light shows and installations. The Vivid festival of 2011 notched up the standards to a whole new level. Not only the famous attractions of Sydney but the whole city was decorated in Vivid lights, from storefronts, bars and restaurants throughout The Rocks to Sydney Harbour Bridge, all of it was marked by different hues of light. And to top it all there was Vivid Live, the program showcased an extraordinary lineup of eclectic bands and performances coordinated by Modular's Stephen Pavlovic. Vivid Sydney 2011 had the potential to break all unexplored shackles of festival norms across the globe and was also successful in showing the world why Sydney is unquestionably the creative hub of Asia Pacific.

The seventeen-day long Vivid Sydney Festival of 2012 saw the use of Vivid lights installations in a creative manner that showcased a particular message. The electric canvas and urban screen were the main highlights of 2012. The electric canvas depicted "City Life '' on the walls of the custom houses while the urban screen was successful in converting the Opera House to a three-dimensional interactive canvas.

Vivid Sydney 2013 saw the expansion and acceptance of the festival. For the first time in history, The Darling Harbour officially took part in the Vivid festival and as a mark of it, an immersive water theatre combining 20 meter wall of colour, light and music was installed.

The fame of the Vivid Sydney had reached each nook and corner of the world. This was highlighted in the 2014 Vivid Sydney where thousands of tourists around the world had flocked into Sydney. The festival involved the Opera House, Walsh Bay, The Rocks, North Sydney, Darling Harbour, Circular Quay and joining for the first time, Harbour Lights, Carriageworks and the Star. This was twice as much as the Vivid Sydney 2013.

The next big change in Vivid Sydney occurred during the 2016 festival when the Vivid Light Walk was introduced. The 3D mapped projections transforming the Royal Botanic Garden into a celestial art gallery was the main highlight of Vivid Sydney 2016.

The Vivid Sydney 2017 is known as the most successful Vivid festival as it attracted more than 2.31 million people from around the globe. More than 150 artists from over 23 countries participated in the Vivid Sydney festival of 2017 which consisted of about 90 light installations.

The Vivid Sydney festival for the next two years was huge but failed to attract a crowd as massive as that of 2017.

Since it's the start of a new decade, the festival of  Vivid Sydney 2020 is predicted to break 2017’s record by miles. Book your tickets now and enjoy the world’s largest festival of art, music and ideas.

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