Automatic Glue Box Machine

Posted by sere on March 10th, 2020

Automatic Glue Box machine" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">Machine

Material glue box, PUR hot-melt glue box, using different spraying methods: PVC needle coating, PET electronic induction spray gun, PP hot air gun, PUR hot-melt adhesive. The pet glue box is completely blanched, and PP does not need glue. The machine can be arbitrarily adjusted according to the size of the glue box, with high efficiency and fast speed, and completely replaces the manual manual glueing method. The machine is designed for easy operation, stable performance, no scratches and no whitening, ensuring product.

It is developed according to the requirements of modern packaging enterprises for automated production equipment. It is suitable for automatic folding, automatic sticking, and automatic cutting of PET, PVC, PP soft line glue boxes. The glue box produced by the automatic glue box sticking machine has greatly improved the aesthetics and quality of packaging products, so it is greatly favored by high-end cosmetics, daily necessities, and other industries. The mature automatic glue box machine has the following characteristics:

1: Automatic feeding, automatic folding, can stick all kinds of PP plasma hot air gun (twill, matte, transparent) folding box. No glue is needed for firm and environmental protection.

2: Adhesive PET liquid glue, PUR solid glue, transparency is very good, never whitish, environmental protection.

3: Adhesive PVC, PETG, GAG and other glue boxes.

4: Multiple functions can be glued on the inside and outside (that is, glued on one and three lines, two or four lines on the inside and outside).

5: This machine only needs 2 people, and it can stick 60,000 glue boxes (10 cm long finished product) in 8 hours.

Hengli specialized in manufacturing carton packaging and printing of various ancillary equipment and machines in 2008 and was formally established in 2011. 

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