SJDB Advocates provides full support to Injured Workers with Workers’ Compensati

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Have you been injured on the job? Have you been deemed permanently disabled? Have you lost your job because of your injury?  You may qualify for further benefits.   High end private institution SJDB Advocates are dedicated to providing exceptional service to its clients in the areas of Vocational Counseling and Workers Compensation. They fight for their clients, in order to get them the best retraining and benefits possible. Located throughout California, SJDB Advocates are more than vocational counselors, they serve all Workers Compensation firms, both big and solo practitioners not only as counselors to injured workers, but also as an extension of the client’s attorney and as a liaison between the insurance carriers and the attorneys helping the injured workers get their benefits faster.

As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information. - Benjamin Disraeli. Do you know that you are entitled to obtain the SJDB Voucher if: You have been deemed partially or totally permanently disabled between 1% and 99% and you were not offered a job from your employer within 60 days. SJDB Advocates are an extensive resource to the injured worker and their attorney! Never hesitate in contacting them for help!

When a California employee suffers a work-related injury, the state workers’ compensation system broadly provides several types of benefits. One of those types of benefits is called “supplemental job displacement benefits” (sometimes referred to as just “SJDB”). The Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit or SJDB is a voucher issued by the insurance company for the purpose of obtaining further job training, education, and skill enhancement, among other benefits!

You would not be alone if you didn't know how SJDB Vouchers work. Majority of the Hispanic community and the general public are ignorant of this compensational benefit. To fully understand supplemental job displacement benefits, workers should first understand how this type of benefit fits into California’s workers’ compensation system as a whole. The foundation of the state’s workers’ compensation system lies in the California Constitution, which sets forth the intent of the people to establish a system of workers’ compensation.

The Hispanic population represents the United States’ largest, and youngest, minority group. SJDB Advocates proudly serve this undocumented community and all of California, they are equipped with a team of highly qualified and experienced counselors that will then provide you with an evaluation and aid you in obtaining all the vocational benefits including the RTWSF ,000 California State benefit the day of your appointment.

If you qualify, the counselors at SJDB Advocates will assist in obtaining the voucher from the claims administrator. All these services to the injured worker are free and all benefits are tax free. Injured workers are entitled to different benefits as follows:

If the injury occurred before January 1, 2013, benefits would depend on the percentage of disability:

  • ,000 - 1% to 14%
  • ,000 - 26% to 49%
  • ,000 - 15% to 25%
  • ,000 - 50% to 99%

If the injury occurred after January 1, 2013, the injured worker may be entitled to the following benefits:

  • 0 For Personal Expenses
  • ,000 Reimbursement for Equipment
  • ,000 Return to Work Supplemental Fund*

* The Return to Work Supplemental Fund is a state benefit.

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