Why is there a “Valentine’s Day for Men”?

Posted by Nazmul on March 10th, 2020

For centuries Valentines Day has become a center of love and compassion, with small gifts and tokens of affection passed back and forth between the lover and the loved ones. But very few people know the real history of Valentine's Day. Although we now associate with the holiday of love, ducks, and strange dreams of romance, the truth is that 14 Feb holding the tradition of a much deeper and much older than one might initially think.

St. Valentine

If one looks back to the history of the text of the Catholic Church, they will find that the actual history of Valentines Day around the day when the saint named Valentine was martyred for his faith. Apparently, Valentine was killed once he dared to defy the Roman Emperor Tiberius Claudius Drusus Nero Germanicus II, and performed secret marriages for young lovers.

Another account claims that St. Valentine was killed once he helped Christians escape the clutches of the Roman inquisitors WHO tortured and killed prisoners. Another interesting thing to note about the history of Valentine's Day is that the Catholic Church actually recognizes eleven different saints named Valentine, and three of them share in February 14 as the day of their admission.

Chaucer, Love Birds, and Medieval

First time in the history of Valentine's Day love and lovers that are actually associated with these days during the Middle Ages in a poem by Geoffrey Chaucer. After the famous writer mentions two love birds who represent the involvement of the young king Richard II for a young bride to be, Anne of Bohemia.

After this first association of love in the history of Valentine's Day, guys want to be appreciated the idea quickly grew popular. In the 17th century, it has become customary for young lovers to exchange small tokens and hand-written love letters to each other. In the 18th century, greeting cards began to be produced commercially only for holidays; and in the mid-19th century, the retailer began offering a special gift for a young man to attend to the women they suit.

Although the history of Valentines Day is not necessarily as romantic as we were led to believe, the fact remains of which has become one of the most popular and commercially profitable, holiday ever. Today, men are often present their wives and girlfriends with chocolates, flowers, and cards; and the day has come to be associated with the highest number of marriage proposals from others. One fact remains true regardless of the actual history of Valentine's Day - and it is a fact that this is the one day of the year when people feel most able to express their feelings of affection for each other.


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