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Posted by sere on March 10th, 2020

With the popularity of credit cards, credit card consumption has become a common consumption method for the general public, and the use of POS machines has become more and more common. So what should be paid attention to when using POS machines?

First of all, regardless of the rate of POS, the most important thing is security, safety and security. The important thing is said three times. Therefore, a POS machine with UnionPay supervision and certification is required to be qualified. Such a POS machine must have a third-party payment license in order to have acquiring qualifications. This is often a clear opportunity

With the expansion of daily consumption, it is very inconvenient to bring cash, so how should the POS machine be used? I do n’t know if it ’s okay, do n’t worry, today I will teach you.

On the right side of the POS machine, there is a card slot for swiping a card, with a display screen in the middle, numeric keys and a confirmation key below. When using it, first turn on the power key-the button at the red circle on the upper left.

POS machines can be used for credit cards, debit cards, and savings cards. There are two types of cards. One is with a magnetic stripe, that is, a black magnetic stripe on the back, and some have an IC card on it.

The magnetic strip is stuck on the right side of the pos machine, swipe the part of the magnetic strip from the left to the back, and then swipe it. The induction card is inserted into the card slot below.

After swiping the card, you can enter the amount of the purchase on the screen, and then click the confirmation button. After the customer confirms that the transaction amount is correct, you can enter the password, and finally click the green confirmation button.

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