Freeze Dried Coffee Market : Opportunities, Outlook & Forecast 2019 2027

Posted by pooja paralkar on March 11th, 2020

The rising demand for instant coffee has enhanced the prospects of growth within the global freeze-dried coffee market. There is no contention about the popularity of coffee across all regional pockets. Moreover, boisterous growth of café chains such as Costa, Nero, and Starbucks have further popularised coffee across the globe. It is expected that the global freeze-dried coffee market would gain from the extensive marketing done by large cafes. Freeze-dried coffee is most commonly used in travel pouches for coffee enthusiast. It is quick, easy, and simple to prepare. The total volume of revenues in the global freeze-dried coffee market could multiply in the coming times.

  • The creation of emotional and appealing messages around consumption of coffee has enhanced the marketing game of manufacturers. Furthermore, the rising population of people who prefer coffee over tea has also emerged as a key dynamic of market growth. The need for managing the high-demand for coffee across cold regions has led to increased sales for freeze-dried coffee.
  • Black coffee has become one of the most preferred forms of coffee amongst the masses. Moreover, marketing of latte and doppio flavours has captured the attention of the masses. It is expected that the demand for freeze-dried coffee would grow as people become increasingly inclined towards coffee consumption.

Health-conscious consumers have played an integral role in driving demand within the global freeze-dried coffee market. This is also a key consideration from the perspective of market growth. Based on regions, the demand for freeze-dried coffee in Europe is projected to rise. Several EU nations are prospering through their trade in coffee and related products. The need for improved coffee beans has also emerged as a key dynamic of market growth.

Freeze dried coffee is an instant type of coffee that is made from the coffee beans of high quality such as  Excelsa, Liberica, Robusta, Arabica, and others. The freeze-dried coffee is longer as compared to general coffee beans. The freeze-dried coffee is very hard to break and does not easily break up into small parts when tried by putting at the fingertips. The freeze-dried coffee is made by freezing the coffee extract by approximately -40 degree Celsius which is then cut into pellets. The frozen pellets are again being dried at a very low temperature and are also kept under the vacuum. The quality of aroma is maintained by the temperature and drying conditions.

There is a huge demand for freeze-dried coffee across the globe. The market is increasing at large in the Asian countries and has already grown in the North American and European countries at large.

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The key factor that is driving the growth of the freeze-dried coffee is the enhance quality of the freeze-dried coffee as compared to general coffee. There has been an increase in the awareness for wellness and health amongst consumers across the world, as a consequence of the rising impact of media, especially the varied e-Commerce platforms, informative healthiness programs, and events by government and food divisions, and various articles and reports published by health administrations across the world such as the World Health Organization. This has led to a change in the preferences and food habits of the consumers.

Thus, consumers these days pursue healthier alternatives to sparkling drinks that are easily available and less harmful such as freeze-dried coffee. Increasing socialization and social gatherings amongst various age groups of people, especially the millennial, has increased the demand and need for easily available and portable drinks such as freeze-dried coffee. Further, these freeze dried ready-to-drink coffees are available in various types of packaging, which majorly includes bottles, cans, and tetra packs offered in various different volumes and pack sizes, thus catering to the needs and purposes of different consumers.

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The major constraint for the global freeze-dried coffee market is in adapting to regional tastes and preferences. Specific regions, where consumers are habituated to hot or freshly ground coffee, take considerable time and show reluctance in adapting to new tastes. Moreover, the rise in the coffee beans pricing and rising transportation costs are hindering the growth of the freeze-dried coffee.

Some of the key market participants in the freeze dried coffee market are Nestlé S.A., Koninklijke Douwe Egberts B.V., Woolworths Group Limited, Jacobs Kronung, Inc., Monster beverage Co., Starbucks Corporation, PepsiCo Inc., McDonald’s Corporation, Keurig Dr Pepper Inc., The Coca-Cola Company, and many other prominent players.

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