How to register a domain on the internet?

Posted by jason stewart on March 11th, 2020

The domain is present in the address of the page and is created to organize and facilitate the search of the sites within the immense online universe. Thanks to domains, we don't have to worry about memorizing a huge number of strings to find a page online. The domain identifies a company, brand or person on the internet. It usually highlights the name of the organization, but before defining it, it is necessary to check its availability.

In general, domains appear as follows: 

Domain registration is the responsibility of so-called registrars, many best email hosting and web hosting services providers complimentary. In the case of the extension, the responsible for the domain registration is the BR Registry.

Who can register?

Domains can be registered by legal entities, with CNPJ; and by individuals, with CPF. In addition to the domains ending in "", there are several other options, such like ".com", ".net", ".org", ".info", among other. There are also domains registered abroad, ending with the acronym corresponding to each country.

To know in detail how to register a domain, the interested party needs to have the support of a specialized company, such as The Email Host, which offers the domain registration service to its customers. On The Email Host website, you can check if the desired domain is available for registration. The search process is very simple and fast.

Step by step to register a domain

To register a domain on the internet, it is necessary to follow this step by step:

1 - Access the Cheap Email Hosting website and click on Hosting on the main menu. Then look for the Domain Registration option;

2 - Enter the domain you intend to use and click Register to check availability;

3 - If the chosen domain is available, you will be directed to a page with several options for plans. The domain is paid annually, with a specific fee charged for each extension. In the case of the “” domain, the worth is R $ 39.99;

4 - Click to continue and finish to finish registering your domain. You will be taken to the domain configuration page and then to the registration and payment page. In this step, just complete the purchase and pay with a credit card or bank slip, with total security.

It is worth mentioning that The Email Host does not charge additional fees to register the domains and that the company has an efficient system, like best dedicated server hosting uk which automatically registers the domains after confirmation of payment.

Remember that, when registering a domain, it is important to think of an easy address, that people can memorize and find conveniently on the internet. Domains with foreign words or very elaborate terms should only be used when the objective is to reach specific audiences and accustomed to these languages. For the general public, the idea is to bet on creative, yet simple, domains that are easy to memorize and type in the address bar.

To build relevance on the internet, the process starts with the design of a website that transforms the problem of your target audience into a solution. This is basic for starting the process. But a lot of business owners who contain this ability forget that the internet an inseparable link through technology. For streaming sites, for example, it is extremely important to have quality hosting.

This lack of perception drives large companies away from success in the digital world. The choices that are made directly impact the entire process of transforming this site into a reference in its segment. The choice of website hosting plays a fundamental role in this process. Quality must be the first issue to be observed.

Whether it's the quality of the database management, the reliability of the servers where your information will be allocated, everything depends on hosting control. A benefit of having a professional hosting is having the guarantee that your potential client when accessing your website will have all your content available to browse the sessions that are convenient for them.

Professional hosting guarantees your content

One of the most important virtues of having a quality website hosting is having a backup guarantee. In other words, if for some adverse reason the server loses the content published there, you have the guarantee that it will recover the entire structure and data of the website. The investment you made in professionals who structured and executed your project is not lost due to issues beyond your control. Hosting committed to your company is a guarantee of your investment in digital quality.

The storage space, which is necessary to store media and general information in a complete website hosting, is unlimited, which gives scope for creating content. So you, in no time, lose the ability to save the information and update your website. This helps the growth process. Count on The Email Host to be your partner in the success of your website!

Essential points out that a quality hosting must-have!

Some questions are essential for a quality website so that it gives confidence to your audience. Loyalty on a website is due to the quality service provided; this includes good fluency in navigation and easy solution of problems to be solved. Therefore:

Ad control - in professional hosting, ads are not inadvertently displayed. This ensures a good browsing understanding for the user.

Stability - reliable hosting guarantees stability. Thus, there is complete control of what is happening, including immediate support for the moment when the site is down. Remembering that, if your intention is ranking with search engines, this means positive points in relevance.

Processing speed - loading a website is transferring files bilaterally. If your hosting has good capacity, the speed of your internet will not be mandatory for good use of the website.

Virus and intrusion control - this is one of the most important points, especially if your information is confidential. And even if they are not, it is convenient that hosting is prevented from all kinds of ills on the internet.

Unlimited access - in accommodation with good stability, you guarantee access for all visitors. Therefore, if your website is visited a lot, your user needs to feel welcomed.


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