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Posted by jason stewart on March 11th, 2020

We live in an era where everyone is connected to the virtual world. The internet offers countless possibilities for the population. The worldwide computer network allows its users to research the most diverse items, products, and information. Best of all, all of this in the comfort of their homes, making life easier for people who do not have the time to seek such services.

One thing is already certain; consumers want more convenience when making their purchases. One of the solutions to this factor is to look for virtual stores. According to research, 65% of the population reveals that they shop online regularly, at least once a month. Besides, it is much faster and more practical to compare prices over the internet and check the availability of products, instead of going from store to store.

And it was thinking about this growth opportunity for YOU, the entrepreneur, who wants to have his own business, that best email hosting is providing a free application for the creation of virtual stores for all hosting plans and reseller customers. The application is based on the Open Cart platform. This means that you can install any module or theme compatible with OpenCart in the store. Moreover, there are cheap email hosting companies which gives you the perk of affordable colocation hosting as well when your online store traffic grows and it becomes difficult to handle them. 

Besides, the online store supports by default the forms of payment, PayPal, PayU, Stripe, 2checkoutcashu and the calculation of shipping by post. It's not too much?

We also prepared for you a list with 10 advantages that you will have if you create your online store, check it out!

1: 24/7 sales

With a virtual store, your business will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for anyone to buy. You won't have to worry about closing hours or increasing the structure and number of employees. While you sleep, your store is available to sell more.

2: Lower costs

Setting up a physical store is a very laborious process and requires a large investment. It doesn't happen on the internet! The process is very simple, you just need to purchase a domain, choose an e-commerce platform, a layout and choose the payment methods. Ready! Now just sell! The investment of a virtual store is much lower than creating a physical store.

Besides, operations within a virtual store are much simpler. Instead of having several employees for each area of ​​the business, you manage most of them, concentrating on all activities in one place.

3: Sales without geographical limits

You can sell anywhere on the planet you want. This is a great advantage for entrepreneurs since physical stores limit distance service. The global reach of the internet means that people from different countries confirm your product and can even recommend it to others. This connection is a great opportunity to introduce your product to the foreign market, increasing potential consumers.

4: Customer convenience

Every day, the population's routine is more agitated, causing them to not have so much free time. Therefore, they seek practicality when shopping. The convenience of buying, paying and receiving without leaving home is much more advantageous than going to a store. Transactions can be made at any time, in addition to making life easier for people with disabilities or mobility difficulties.

5: Better monitoring of performance

With the existing technology, the virtual store allows the records to be stored in the form of history. Any sale that is made over the internet can be monitored. With data analysis tools you can check your performance. You can see the traffic on the site, the number of transactions, the average amount, billing, and acceptance and rejection rate, among others. With this monitoring, you can adjust pricing, marketing and sales strategies in the best possible way, achieving greater accuracy with customers.

6: Price flexibility

With the online store, you have the advantage of creating promotional campaigns for a few hours and tracking your results instantly. On the internet, you don't have to create any printed material to get consumers to know you. Besides, there are still pricing tools that assist in data analysis and improve its value offering. Also, when the traffic numbers goes in millions you can have the best dedicated server hosting uk for you. 

7: Integration with social networks

One of the advantages of having a virtual store is that you can integrate it with social networks. You can insert links on different platforms that communicate with each other. There are several people connected all day, so take the opportunity to attract them to your store through advertisements, sponsored or not, posts and even photos of your product.

8: Multiple stocks

Virtual stores can work with decentralized inventories, generating savings and agility in delivery. It is still possible to advertise a product without having anything in stock. The products will be in their suppliers. The entrepreneur will only receive the order, forward the data to the supplier, who will send it directly to the consumer. Thus, expanding distribution capacity without increasing freight costs.

 9: Equal opportunity

In virtual stores, with few financial resources, you can compete with large companies, even if you don't have a similar structure. You will have the same features and can offer a better service than them. Besides, large establishments are unable to strengthen relations with customers and can be an advantage, if well explored, by the entrepreneur.

10: Customer scalability

Virtual stores can serve countless people at the same time, with the same standard of quality. Physical stores do not. Thus, they can lose customers because of the service. On the internet, you don't have to worry about this factor.

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