Email as an alternative to the letter

Posted by jason stewart on March 11th, 2020

Email as an alternative to the letter


Everyone who buys a mail address, regardless of which provider, gets a so-called mail space. This is storage space on the server of the provider for the email hosting account. Incoming e-mails are stored in the mail space and can be called up and deleted by the user at any time.

The scope of the mail space for email hosting depends first of all on the provider and secondly whether it is a free email account or to what extent a fee is paid for this purpose. The costs of an email space are very different and also depend on several factors, such as the additional services purchased. The provider also determines the maximum size of an email in the inbox. If a received email is larger than specified in advance, this message cannot be accepted and the sender receives an error message in this regard. The recipient will not be able to hear anything from the email.

Both free e-mail space and paid e-mail hosting uk offers are available on the Internet. The storage capacity ranges from 500 megabytes to 10,000 megabytes and more. Sizes up to 25 gigabytes are possible.

Many providers of a mail space with email hosting provide additional functions such as an autoresponder, which immediately sends a response with the desired text in the event of absences, or additional filter options and, of course, rules for unwanted emails, the known spams.

Competition in the area of ​​web space and windows hosting uk is growing, which is why service providers are making more and more services available.

The technical development has of course not stopped so that it is usually no longer a problem if you want to send a video or pictures. In the past, the mail space of the email hosting offer was limited, but today the size is almost unlimited.

How long an email is stored in the inbox also depends on the provider of the mail space. You should inform yourself about this beforehand so that you will not be surprised later if emails are suddenly eliminated on the server-side.

The difference between a mail space and webspace is that the webspace stores content, such as a homepage, and only incoming and outgoing emails on a mail spac


SSD web hosting - with modern hard disk technology, including 99.9% availability of your webspace, inclusive domains and optimal performance for systems such as Shop ware, Moodle, Prestashop, Magento, OTRS and much more. Over 250 different systems can be used! We would also be happy to pre-install your desired system in all SSD web hosting offers free of charge.

According to forecasts and results from various market analyzes, the web hosting industry is facing a structural change. While retail has been dominated by a few large vendors for a long period of time, this could change in the near future. However, this change also makes it increasingly difficult to determine a clear boundary between a first-party provider and the reseller.

A changing business

While two years ago there was a tendency to rent infrastructure, including in medium-sized companies, this is gradually changing. This revolution is based on new, high-quality hardware that is more affordable than ever as an investment item. As an impact on this product range, companies are also discovering the advantages of their own unbound infrastructure. As a result, they act independently and thus dispense with hardware outsourcing. However, this applies in most cases too small projects; External service providers are often entrusted with the implementation of larger projects. In doing so, tasks are covered by the creation as well as programming of different software system updates as well as administrative services. Overall, there is a clear tendency towards hardware purchases. Using them pays off much more and makes your own business model more competitive on the European market.

History and options

Reseller hosting creates many opportunities for generating your own financial income. For this, you rent a web server from a web hosting provider to sublet the acquired webspace to your own customers. Reseller means reseller and describes different business models. At the beginning of the process, the reseller often rents a server package from a provider that offers certain tariffs for reseller hosting. In the next phase, the reseller will develop a personal sales concept based on the rented web server package, which will now be marketed under his name as a provider on the web.


A clear advantage of windows web hosting uk is that you do not have to take over the webserver management as a reseller, instead, it is organized by the hosting provider of the webserver. In this way you need z. B. do not seek updates or security updates.

In addition, you are completely free to design your sales concept. You are independently in the position prices at which you sublease the webspace with the reseller hosting. Freehand also applies to the individual contract terms.


Use our WordPress hosting with the perfectly coordinated web space for your blog or website - including a free domain! Thanks to our WordPress Update Service, which is already included with the WordPress Professional tariff, you don't have to worry about the security of your blog! Of course, we pre-install WordPress for you free of charge.


We love Joomla! For this reason, you will find perfectly fitting hillingdon grid webmail packages including free domains for the popular content management system Joomla. In addition, we offer services such as Joomla support, theme packages, and our Joomla update service to ensure the best possible security for your Joomla website. Discover now!

SEO is the abbreviation of the English term "Search Engine Optimization" and contains the measures for a better position in the rankings of well-known search engines. This should significantly increase the attention of potential customers to your company and thereby generate higher visitor numbers and sales.

What are the positive factors in SEO?

Professional search engine optimization gives you some advantages that can have a long-term impact on success. On the one hand, the popularity of the company is increased by the higher placement, because most search engine users only crawl the first 2 pages. In addition, through the correct use of keywords, customers who are looking for a specific product or service will use your webshop or. The website has been linked. This increases the likelihood of attracting new buyers and accordingly ensures better sales figures.

How much does search engine optimization cost?

A reputable agency conducts an investigation at the beginning of a possible collaboration. The current competitive situation, the ambitions of the customer as well as the customer base are examined more closely. Only after this analysis can the costs incurred for professional search engine optimization be estimated. However, you should note whether the agency is responsible for the implementation as well as the advice and the compilation of a concept. Otherwise, there will be additional costs, which can be as high as possible and may exceed your budget.


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