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Posted by allpracticesolutions on March 11th, 2020

There is indeed something about dental equipment which attracts more customers to the one performing the surgery using the equipment – the dentists. 

It is often believed that a business is boosted through the tools it is facilitated by. This includes a both literal and a figurative sense. when it comes to dental practice, we at All Practice Solutions believe that whilst everything has been taken care of in the clinic, it is imperative that a dentist consider, if not the highest quality, at least a good quality of dental equipment, so that the surgical procedures the dental surgeons perform, may elicit an enhanced performance and thus attract new prospective patients. 

This is why; we offer you the best quality ADS Dental Chairs, among many other packages we have available in our arsenal. In this wide variety of dental chairs, we offer you bright, colourful and comfortable ADS dental Chairs, coming with electric motors with a wide reclining backrest. 

Now, you can choose from the latest and the most comfortable ADS chairs from our authentic AJ Chair series. Our AJ15 chair is available in different lush colours, adding stealth of woollen covering to the covers and filled with the finest mushy cotton material to give the patients a relaxed and comfortable surgical time. The AJ15 is specifically a hydraulic patient chair and has a narrow backseat, along with a stamping steel and backrest stand. 

Next in line is our AJ16 chair which is again a hydraulic patient chair but this one comes in more of the luxury segment. Beautifully crafted, and a stunning design give this one its most brandished feel. The AJ16 chair, like the other AJ series chairs, has a wide backrest but supports an aluminium backrest stand. 

If you are in need of a Pedo bench, then perhaps our AJ19 chair should interest you. This product comes in a range of comforting and warm colours, and is a powered electric motor bench chair with up-down movements. If you ask us, this one is the most suitable and the most common equipment used in dental practice due to its ease of seating and as it is used in most of the pre-surgical treatments. 

If you are in need for specific dental equipment with mounted lights, then the AJ12 Ortho Chair with light is the best suited for you. Used mainly for orthodontology, this one offers you dentists with the right position of treating the position of improperly placed teeth and jaw bone, whilst giving you a full vision with a far spread mounted light. This product is also powered by an electric motor and comes with an LED light. 

If you are in search for good quality Dental Pano equipment, then our Rayscan Alpha 3D Edge is a must buy! For more information, contact us or visit our website. 

Wait no further. With All Practice Solutions, redesign your dental roadmap and achieve an optimized success!

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