Epic Games Store Adds a Wishlist so You Can Track Games You Want to Buy

Posted by Aida Martin on March 11th, 2020

“Track Your Favorite Games on Epic Games Store Wishlist”

Epic Games has finally added the option of a Game Wishlist that grants the gamers to save the games and later purchase them. The feature seems out to be quite reasonable nowadays as several gaming stores have added this feature quite a long period back; thus, Epic Games' subsequent inclusion is not a stunning attribute for debate. However, the popularity of Epic Games, therefore, makes it trending news to be share.

The store allows gamers to add any prefer the game to the wishlist that they are willing to purchase and later get notified when it is finally available for purchase. The newly added features are a heart-shaped button that is oriented besides the price tab of a game. Alongside, the Epic Games have also added a subsequent feature to notify users through email while their chosen game is on sale. The fans of Epic Games across the globe are requesting the following feature for a long time, and now when it finally arrived, fans are quite excited to use it.

 The popularity of Epic Games can be depicted easily through the stats that show its acquisition of more than 100 million active users. Alongside this, the game has also added providing free games to gamers through the newly updated store. The new Epic Games Store is also offering a beta testing version of the game to the developers and players to obtain feedback. The store includes popular games such as Metro Exodus and much more.

The enhancement in the gaming store of Epic Games has also lured various new gamers towards it. Besides, the game store has been prepared for PC, Gaming Consoles, and Mobile versions. So, it is also excited news for the fans of Epic Games that several new games must arrive in the mobile version. Alongside this, there are several rewards offer by Epic Games to acquire more gamers to their store. The rewards also include popular games such as Metro Exodus and many more legendary games to be free for entirely 1 Year.

The fans of Epic Games across the globe will surely be mesmerized after hearing the subsequent news. As the wish list features are one of the most demanded aspects that gamers are asking from Epic Games for almost one year. The delay in introducing of wishlist has also been cleared up by Epic Games by stating that they are trying to build the most advanced Wishlist feature to enhance and provide a whole new experience to our fans and customers.

Similarly, we all know that the gaming market is increasing every day. Thus the inclusion of new game Store and features by Epic Games has definitely led to a whole new business conflict. There will be more modern games, and features introduce in the forthcoming days by the rival of Epic Games to remain in the market. Till then, we all need to wait to witness what new games and features will arrive in the gaming market, and let's now concentrate on the new store of Epic Games.

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