How smoking cigarettes become a reason for kidney failure?

Posted by Aanya Sharma on March 11th, 2020

Kidneys are the pivotal organs of the human body. They work day and night just to keep the blood of the human body clean and pure. The purified blood is then transported to the heart for further processing. The blood flowing in the bloodstream contains various types of minerals, salts, electrolytes, red blood cells, white blood cells, etc. Any imbalance in these nutrients and electrolytes can become a reason for the dysfunction of many organs and parts of the body. With this blog, we will discuss how smoking one cigarette can affect the life span of kidneys and can it be cured with the ethics of Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure?

Smoking cigarettes is a tragic passion among people for ages. Little did the people know that it can affect the inner body adversely? A rarely observed fact about smoking one cigarette is that it reduces an hour per day with every single cigarette you smoke. It is already written on the white boxes that smoking kills but we still love the thrill. Smoking is rich in nicotine that affects the functioning of multiple organs including the heart, kidneys and the entire respiratory system. Many of us may find it astonishing that smoking can become a reason for kidney failure.

Before we dig into the Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure in India, we should know a bit more about smoking and its effect on kidneys:

We all are aware of the fact that ‘Smoking Kills’ but some of us do it deliberately knowing the after-effects. It is a less known fact that smoking not only affects the respiratory system but also the filtering units of the human body; kidneys. On an average analysis, kidney patients who smoke 20 or more cigarettes are at the 97% risk of dying because of kidney failure.

The addiction to nicotine can increase the chances of having kidney failure and heart failure. Here are a few important points that describe why you should not smoke:

• Increases blood pressure and heart rate
• Reduces blood flow in the kidneys
• Increases production of angiotensin II (a hormone produced in the kidney)
• Forms arteriosclerosis (thickening and hardening) of the renal arteries
• Blood clots because of the increased platelets
• It can spread infections in bone marrow, blood, lungs, cervix, kidneys, bladder, and pancreas.
• Sexual impotence

The signs and symptoms of kidney failure can begin with nausea, excessive vomiting and dizziness but by the stage of kidney failure, you must have crossed four stages already that will help you in intimating the occurrence of an event in the upcoming days. Av a few methods in kidney failure treatment naturally can help you in pulling out of the protocol of dialysis and transplant with all-natural processes and resources. For making this happen into your life you will need guidance from a specialist, a kidney expert like Dr. Puneet Dhawan of Karma Ayurveda Hospital.

A little change in the diet and lifestyle can help you in recovering from the condition of kidney failure. Here are a few changes:

Changes in diet:

Many of us change our diet plan for losing weight, but changing diet for the kidneys revival is very rarely known. During an Ayurvedic treatment, even the dietary changes can help a lot in the smooth functioning of kidneys. Following are the dietary changes that are asked to keep kidneys healthy:

• Consume fresh fruits and vegetables only.
• Consume seasonal fruits only.
• Avoid the consumption of frozen foods and processed foods.
• Drink fresh juices that are derived at home only.
• Avoid beverages containing soda.

Changes in lifestyle:

Ayurvedic treatment doesn’t ask you to change your lifestyle upside down. This includes just minor changes in the lifestyle, such as:

• Get up early before the sunrise.
• Excrete and take a bath.
• Practice yoga asana.
• Meditate for an hour.
• Eat-in intervals and consume less than appetite.
• Be optimistic.

If you are looking for a specialist, a nephrologist or an Ayurvedacharya then seek the medical help of Dr. Puneet Dhawan and his team of dieticians’ right here. You will get the best Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure in India.


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