The need of Magento Web Development

Posted by holbi on August 27th, 2012

With the advent of ecommerce and its success, the demand for ecommerce software has also plummeted and the one that is a complete package with cutting edge technology and ability to provide the best solution wins the race. Magento with its latest Enterprise Edition 1.12 is nothing less than a magic wand in the hands of Magento developers. With Mobile interface HTML 5 creating customized stores for mobile devices, so customers can shop even when they are on move, is not a myth anymore.

Magento programmer has an edge for Magento website development, store development and Magento ecommerce customization provides the most appropriate solutions. Magento development presents many features that help in sales and marketing while attracting the customers with a unique web-site. Using the software one can tap unknown site visitors, who visit the site without logging-in. These browsers can now be converted into prospective buyers by identifying and targeting them through promotional offers and other sales strategies. The store has a facility to maintain product relationship by targeting particular customers with product recommendations and can aim point up-sales, cross-sales and related products at them. While doing this, it is now easier to auto-generate unique promotional coupon codes. Further these can be exported for the newsletter distribution, emails, and other offline promotions. The e-coupons can be easily managed and supervised and exhaustive reports can be generated.

The customer now has the option of multiple wish lists where they can save products on the wish list and can even move an item from one list to another, while making it public so these can be reviewed by the sales department for potential sales opportunity. Price-layered navigation helps customers search products based on prices quoted on purchasing a similar number of items within each range. It helps to create a pricing suitable for wholesalers and retailers and individual buyers. Both tiered price levels and base prices can be determined to help design prices that fit each segment. In order to simplify large orders, recurring orders and orders from offline catalogues, streamlining the process helps, by facilitating the buyers to create a list of SKUs without visiting the product pages. The store is empowered to manage its customers, sales orders, customer addresses, inventories and products using HTTP verbs while giving multiple new payment methods in addition to the more popular PayPal, etc. A variety of backup operations a can be managed and scheduled with a roll back option in case of any modifications. The European Union VAT-ID validation selection aids tax collection process for online businesses in the EU and has an in-built feature to apply correct tax rules in case of international B2B transactions.

About the Author:

This article is written by Vadym Gurevych who holds a Masters of Software Development degree from Kharkiv National Technical University (Ukraine) and has been creating commercial software products for businesses for 15 years. Currently he is the Managing director at Holbi. Holbi is the trading name of DataLink UK Ltd. Holbi provides services for various Magento solutions and in case you don’t have a Magento based online store they also offer Magento migration services with which you can switch to Magento.

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