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Posted by Anant Khurana on March 11th, 2020

Midnight hunger cravings could be about anything. You would suddenly want to have a wholesome meal or lure for a particular food to have. Often it is about hunger, but sometimes it is just the mood swings that make us want to eat. Food can satisfy hunger, but when it comes to mood, some choicest things satisfy midnight cravings. Like rain and hills make us crave for Maggie and tea, heartbreaks and periods make us crave for ice-cream and hot chocolate. Like they say ‘There is a food for every mood’. Let us look below for some top midnight hunger solutions for your midnight cravings.


1.  ice-cream

Ice- creams are healing. They are more than just a dessert treat. All you need is an ice-cream and a movie marathon on the weekend to spend it well. It would be a cherry on the cake if you have an excellent company to enjoy such cheat pleasures. Kesar kulfi, chocolate chip, oreo are some flavours you would love to have for such a night.

2.  cake

Who said cakes are just for occasions. Even if it is so, we better create an event for cake. There is no best occasion than to pamper yourself and celebrate self-love. The cake is a great idea to pamper yourself when midnight hunger pangs strike. Grab on cheesecake, chocolate cake, strawberry and other delicious flavours varying to your choice and mood. You could make midnight cake delivery in Ghaziabad at the doorstep of your home by choosing an online bakery. 

3.  pizza

Is it allowed to cheat home food for cheesy & crusty pizzas forever! Pizza is one of the most loved eatables today. Any party is incomplete without a pizza, and most of the time it is just the pizza party. With so much love, pizza is always the go to midnight snack option. You can order a pizza anytime in the night and cities, and food points with such service serve you with this saviour food for midnight hunger. Veg loaded, chicken, paneer, cheese burst are some flavours that would not disappoint you at all.

4.  Momos

You cannot deny your love for momos, especially if you come from the north or north-east region of the country. You can have momos at any time of the day. If you ever crave to have momos at midnight, do not shy away from having it. You would get so many outlets delivering them to you and also have them from nearby stalls if it isn’t too late. You could choose from vegetable momos, soya momos, paneer momos and chicken momos. These happen to be some popular choices of momos most vendors have.

5.  Burger

There are often two types of people we categorize for food fondness as slang. You must have often heard people saying,‘ are you a pizza person or a burger person?’. This means which one do you like more! There has been an equally fair share of burger lovers and pizza lovers. Grab on the big bun with a stuffing of your choice which is often aloo patty, any non-veg patty, vegetables and sauces etc. this is another sure shot way to satisfy your midnight hunger.

6.  Noodles

Youth these days is a lot into fast food. Noodles are one such food item that satisfies midnight hunger cravings to the best. Sit with a bowl full of pan-fried noodles and enjoy your cravings. To add to your comfort, they are easy to prepare too! You can always choose a noodle of your taste, to name a few are aata noodles, maggie, yippee noodles, among others.

7.  French fries

French fries with ketchup form the perfect combo if you are looking for some light food to satisfy your hunger at midnight. They are an all-time favourite and if accompanied with a chilled coke, can be your apt partner for your night, be it watching a movie or gossiping with your partner.

8.  Juices or shakes

Midnight cravings to have something chilled? You can always go for juices and shakes available to order online at night time. Choices among your favourite fruit/vegetable juice to accompany your night can be homemade. If you are not a juice lover, you can also choose among a variety of shakes that never fail to make your mouth watery as no one can ever deny having a chocolate shake at night! Depending on your choice, there are a lot of flavours that you can choose.  


Hunger reflects our mood, so why to adjust with your mood when you can right away order and satisfy your midnight hunger cravings. All you need is love, but food doesn’t hurt either. Happy Fooding!

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