How to Hire NodeJs Developers - A Sneak Peak into Skills & Interview Questions

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Imagine a new car without an engine. It looks elegant but won’t start. Similarly, a website or an application without back-end development makes no sense. If you want to know more of the inside story, check out with developers, and see for yourself how they use advanced tools and frameworks to create applications that run seamlessly and satisfy their users.

Without much ado about nothing, let’s land on popular and widely used back-end development platform - Node.js right away. Here you are going to find all the details regarding Node.js developer, their responsibilities, skills, hourly rates, and other specifics you may find useful. Additional information listed includes hiring options and Node-js interview questions to make this article more enriching and valuable.

Developer Roles and Responsibilities:

The primary responsibility of Node.js specialist is to manage the data interchange between users and the server. Besides, developers are engaged in creating logic behind the application, establishing top-notch performance, and making sure that the system thoroughly processes user requests.

Node.js development services refer to both front-end and back-end. So, even if you are going to hire expert back-end developers for your project, be sure to check on their skills in handling the user-facing part of the application. The developers must have a basic understanding of front-end elements created by their colleagues.

Moreover, as third party tools are required during any app development, Node.js roles include the addition of various tools into applications.

Node.js Developers Responsibilities:

Like other software developers, Node.js developers always have a wide range of responsibilities. Some of the significant tasks Node.js specialists are responsible for:

  • Adhering to agile methods
  • Writing clear code
  • Front-end provision
  • Security features implementation
  • Bugs detection
  • APIs integration
  • Database configuration
  • Keeping up with technology

Developer Skills:

Some product owners may want to hire senior Node.js developers to make sure that their projects are in good hands. Still, in some cases, middle devs may show the same excellent results. So let’s take a look at the primary skills of Node.js specialists by levels to find out which one suits you best.

As always, to be eligible for the position, a potential Node-js developer should have specific skills and be an expert in the field. These developers are classified into three categories - junior, middle, and senior based on their skills.

Skills of a Junior Node.js Developer Include:

  • Understanding Node.js basics
  • Knowing JavaScript
  • Knowledge of popular Node.js frameworks
  • Database basics

As for middle/senior experts, they should competent in:

  • HighLoad projects experience
  • Architectural patterns
  • Microservices architecture
  • Performance optimization

Required Soft Skills:

  • Active Learning
  • Commitment
  • Excellent communication skill
  • Analytical bent of mind
  • Ability to work with others
  • Engineering thinking

You can also check more details on candidates’ soft skills testing in the next part of the article.

Don’t forget to check more details on a candidate’s soft skills before hiring Node.js web application development company.

While these are some of the necessary skills any potential Node.js developers should be proficient in, there are some other skills all software engineers should have. A prospective software engineer should be skilled in object-oriented programming and design, algorithms, encryption basics, know, and follow code style standards.

Developer Interview Questions:

If you’re going to hire developers for your project, be sure to check on their qualifications and skills. Here goes a list of technical questions related to the Node.js platform.

What is NPM?
Explain V8 Engine
Why Node.js is single-threaded?
What are event emitters in Node.js?
What is a cluster?
How can you use middleware in Express?

Soft Skills Questions:

Be sure to check on the soft skills of your potential candidate, especially when you are going to hire a Node.js developer. Check on their communication skills, stress tolerance, teamwork, and conflict management.

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