What is fiber silicate fire board?

Posted by aihw on March 11th, 2020

silicate-board/panel" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">Fiber silicate fire board, also known as silicate fire board, fiber reinforced silicate fire board is a silicate fire board generally produced by fire-resistant sheet made of plant fiber, volcanic ash, quartz powder, mica and other fire-resistant materials. The specifications are 1220 * 2440, nearly 3 flat, 9mm thickness and 12mm thickness. The thickness of the board varies with the fire resistance time. After testing, the fiber silicate fireproof board produced by the 12mm green building materials has a fire resistance time of up to 4 hours and has good fire resistance.

Fiber silicate fire board:

Silicate fire board has very good thermal insulation effect, not only good thermal insulation performance, but also good thermal insulation performance.

Lightweight and high-strength boards are easy to process and produce, and cut into different sizes of boards for easy construction

Fiber-reinforced silicate fire board is a new type of green fire-resistant construction board

Fiber-reinforced silicate fire board application places: commercial buildings, commercial buildings, shopping malls, hotels, factories, warehouses, new types of houses, renovation and renovation, hospitals, theaters, stations and other places, mainly for fire protection. The performance of silicate fire board is stable, resistant to acid and alkali, not easy to be corroded, and will not be damaged by moisture or insects. It can ensure a long service life. The silicate fire board is non-combustible A1 material, in case In the event of fire, the board will not burn or produce toxic fumes; it has a low electrical coefficient and is a good insulating material.

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